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Girls Day Vacation at Pricketts Fort WV

by Tommie

This is how you feed the ducks

This is how you feed the ducks

Summer time is the time for enjoying adventures together. I was looking for something to do with my three year old that would be fun and educational. Prickett's Fort turned out to be the perfect answer.

When the weather started getting nice I began wondering what would be some fun places to go for me and my three year old daughter. I wanted them to be educational but something she could enjoy too.

Then I remembered as kids how we would visit Prickett's Fort almost every summer. Mom tells me that we only got to actually visit inside the fort once.

Most of our visits fell on days when the main portion fort section was closed. I must have been pretty young because I don't remember ever going inside.

So this visit to Prickett's Fort was like a first for Savannah and me. I took so many pictures I was thrilled.

Savannah loved feeding the ducks and geese in the river. Summertime you will find lots of boats on that river. It's a favorite launching place for most locals.

Those are the pictures I'm sharing here. Savannah was looking so intent when I gave her bread crumbs and explained just how to throw them so the ducks would get some.

There seemed to be way more geese than ducks and they liked hogging the show.

I let mom put the rest of our pictures from this visit on her site. Hope you enjoy them all as much as we did on our mini girls day vacation.

And if you're ever in town, I highly recommend a visit to Pricketts Fort in Fairmont WV.

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