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Exploring Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon National Park will take your breath away.  It is no surprise that this beautiful scenic park is often place many films are shot.

The park is one historic landmark that came to life in a big way when I first visited it.  Come explore this adventure with me.  You'll be glad you did.

Visiting Grand Canyon National Park

I had to zoom in to see the Colorado River that created this massive canyon over millions of years.  The river is so deep down at the bottom of the canyon that you can barely see it from above.

So this view, big and bold as it appears is in a sense larger than life.  The mystery of this National Park lies in this very powerful river.  

The Grand Canyon is an amazing example of nature working over millions of years in time.  That's how long it took for the Colorado river to form these canyon walls you see when you visit.

Driving Through Grand Canyon National Park

You'll find an abundance of places to pull in and park so that you can walk along the upper edge of the canyon.  

I highly recommend taking time to enjoy the visitor center too.  You'll find a wealth of information about the canyon's growth over the years.  

This is one place where learning history is both exciting and fun to enjoy.  I warn you, though, you may very well come away with a glazed look in your eyes from trying to take it all in.

The day I visited Grand Canyon National Park was sunny and bright.  It's as if the clouds were doing a dance across the sky just for my viewing pleasure.

I didn't venture far off the path while visiting and viewing this canyon.  But there were brave souls all around who appeared to have no fear of the edge.

Seekers Enjoy The Thrill Of Living On The Edge

There are multiple opportunities throughout the park drive to park and walk trails.  I saw many walkers enjoying those trails.  This is one canyon that seems to bring out the adventurer in all who visit.

Take this group for example, they appear to be enjoying the view from their own special spot high above the river. 

I'm not so sure I could be that brave.

Admiring Natural Art Formations Along The Way

This photograph has so many aspects in it that it is almost like a work of art.  Notice the natural layers you can enjoy bringing to life this canyons beauty.  

I count a depth of at least six layers in here.  Each formation speaks for itself.  And it all seems to be watched over by that one center rock formation balanced all alone.

Hopi Indians Lived On This Great Land

If you would like a view that will bring you just a little closer to the natives who lived here long ago, be sure and check out this Hopi Indian tower.

This tower is located on an actual Indian Reserve near the Grand Canyon.  You will find a world of information about how the Hopi Indians were the first people to live near and even in the canyon walls.

You won't want to miss it.  

Be sure and check out Grand Canyon National Park Services site for details on tours and more.

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