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Hobbies, Hobbies Everywhere – But Which is Right for Me?

by Melissa Cameron

Now that I’ve got the idea to create some scheduled “me time”, I need to decide what I’m going to do with it! There are so many things I want to try that I’ve never done before, and then there are old hobbies that I miss. Which of them would fit best into my time schedule, and equally important, which of them will fit best into my household budget?

Horse Riding

One thing I have always wanted to try was horse riding. I could have done that as a child but I was always afraid of falling off. Having two children has cured me of most fear in that regard, if I can have two babies, I can surely survive a few bruises from falling off a horse. Having done a little bit of local research to see if there were stables in the area however, I’ve discovered that horse riding lessons aren’t cheap especially for adults like me who don’t like falling off in public so need private tuition! Maybe next year I can budget for that, but this year I think I’ll take a rain check on the horses.

Flower Arranging

Flower arranging is something else that I’d love to learn. Problem with this one is that it isn’t really something that I can just pick up and do if I have a spare minute or two. If you’re going to arrange flowers you need to have the flowers already in the house to arrange! Going to an evening class in flower arranging might be fun though, I’ll check out what’s available locally.


Photography is a hobby I used to do when I was younger and it was a good complement to my scrapbooking endeavors. Actually, as I ponder over this idea of hobbies, photography and scrapbooking are ideal for this stage in my life. The kids are always up to something and what better way to keep an accurate record of their various developmental stages and life events than by taking pictures, and then using the photos as the resource for fabulous scrapbooking pages. That’s something I could really get excited about!

Cake Decorating

Another hobby possibility that fits in with the kids is cake decorating. It’s also another activity that would require a night class to learn how to do. I confess that I have very little natural skill in the cake decorating department. It’s about all I can manage to get the frosting to swirl in the same direction without curling itself back over the knife. Oh you may well chuckle, but some of us are just not blessed in the cake decorating department.

Piano Playing

I learned how
to play the piano
when I was in my teens. I found that I could learn to play piano music by listening to songs on the radio. Richard M. Nixon once said, “If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and the white notes together” and that’s pretty much how I learned – by listening to others and pressing the notes. I loved how it would sound, even if it moved into a minor key. Over time I would learn how to learn piano sheet music and I never looked back! We still have the piano so taking this back up again wouldn’t have any financial implication.


Despite my inability to frost cupcakes like a grand master, I can make any recipe that appears in a cook book. It might not look quite the same as the photo in the book, but it does taste good. Cooking is something I could turn into a hobby. I’m sure my husband would be appreciative of my efforts, and who knows with a bit of practice maybe the end result appearance will match the taste. On the other hand, this probably isn’t a good idea for a hobby because it will turn “me time” into normal meal preparation time and miss the “me time” point completely.

Oil Painting

At college I loved painting in oils. I tried water colors but it didn’t really light my fire in the same way as oil painting did. There was something about standing in front of the easel and using a spatula to spread paint over the canvas that felt somehow empowering. I loved making those broad strokes that created the foundation of the artwork, but then I also loved the time taking detailed work, the hours I would spend creating the minutiae of detail that made the piece so intriguing to those who looked at it. I could really get excited over taking up oil painting as my hobby. Unfortunately with two young kids in the house, the potential for disaster is too big. In a few years though, once I get settled into this hobby habit and the kids are older, I can see myself picking up my brushes again!

So I have plenty of hobbies to pick from, but which ones really fit me at the place I am right now? I think that’s a decision I’ll have to sleep on.

About the Author:

Melissa Cameron is in her 30’s and fits in hobby-time with being a mother, wife and freelance writer. She lives in Austin, Texas with her family, and enjoys music and surfing the Internet for good deals to share with her readers.

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