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Hostas And Sun

by Faye Rogers
(Southern Indiana)

Hosta Lilies Growing in Full Sun

Hosta Lilies Growing in Full Sun

As my husband and I were out driving around, I saw a box marked 'free' beside a mailbox. Well, I'm not one to pass up FREE so we turned and we picked up a box full of Hostas.

Yeah! Really!

We planted them in a nice, safe, shady spot.

They grew and grewwww.

Then! I decided some would be better off if they were closer to our house.

Of course, I fully expected to lose half of them, if not all. And, they did complain of the bright, bright light in their eyes and very nearly shriveled away.

I threatened them with sure death if they didn't straighten up and get down to business. I told them, "Just acclimate!"

I fed them and they survived the summer ..... in full sun. Poor babies!

The following year they grew just like they belonged in the sun. They acclimated.

The key, to my success with Hostas in the sun, is to transplant them while the weather is still very cool and they get used to the sun gradually.

It works for me and mine. I make no guarantees for you and yours.

But, you will never know if you don't try.

Good luck,
Faye Rogers
Southern Indiana

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Jun 10, 2010
Fantastic Information
by: Sally

Thank you, Faye, for that wonderful contribution. It is stories like yours that enliven the adventurer in us all.

And it is nice to know just how adaptive our garden can be with a little TLC.

For those of you interested, see more of these Hosta or Plantain Lilies here.

Best of luck in all your gardening adventures,

Sally Stoneking

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