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How To Use Camera Raw

by Amy Renfrey

Camera Lens

Camera Lens

Initially, by the title of this article, you may have thought I was talking about Raw, the file format. In actual fact I am making reference to Camera Raw. Camera Raw is a software program that comes with Photoshop. Imagine it like the preview before the movie. Camera Raw is effortless and uncomplicated to use, offering the skilled photographer even more flexibility than ever before. You can make some gorgeous and simple edits with the camera raw options.

I use Camera Raw with CS6. When I trained in Photoshop I was introduced to this wonderful program. I was amazed how similar it was to Lightroom. It offers much of the similar functionality and tools. Since I had been editing my photos with Lightroom for some time I found it was easy to learn.

Photo editing in Camera Raw is, I believe, a good software program for your photography. Digital images can really benefit from this program. Thanks to some helpful controls you can apply some quick improvements to your exposure, highlights, shadows and colour. If you want more colour for example, all you have to do is move a slider. You don’t have to use individual tools in a set order like Photoshop.

Camera Raw is Uncomplicated

Having limited time I find that a simple and relaxed process will help cut down on the hours you spend retouching your photos. Editing photos is fun, but when you have a few hundred of them, the last thing you want to be doing is editing each and every one of them. Camera Raw makes quick alterations to your photos. And they are non destructive.

Adobe is
an extremely clever company. They understand that non destructive photo editing is the only way to make improvements to your shots. Non destructive editing is where you can undo your changes and edits without altering the original file. Camera Raw gives you the opportunity to edit in a non destructive way every single time. This simply means that if the edit is made it is not permanent, and you may undo it any time.
How do you access Camera Raw?

When making use of Bridge you will find that a simple right click on your image gives you the choice of opening your photo in Photoshop or Camera Raw. Simply choose the Camera Raw option and in a second it will open. Once you are in the program you will see a series of tabs and sliders. Look at the tabs first. The tabs on the top menu bar (and to the right) will allow you to do a variety of edits. These adjustments are straightforward to apply essential improvements to your photos.

Why employ the use of Camera Raw if you have Photoshop?

Camera Raw gives you the chance to make quick improvements to your images. It’s about saving time. I recommend having a closer look at Camera Raw. It will be a lot of fun, save you time and give you an opportunity to discover how to edit your images with no trouble.

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