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Insect Photo Album Brings You Face to Face With Nature's Tiny Creatures

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Enjoy this insect photo album and visit a few creepy crawlies. Insects are an interesting part of nature, come explore with me.

I really can't honestly say I hate all insects.  In the world of insects there are some that can and do provide pleasant experiences to the eye.

Butterflies are insects too.  And everyone loves watching those critters fly about.  

Another insect that is kind of love and hate in the human world is the bee.  If it were not for bees, we would be hard pressed to get honey.

Today you can enjoy a little bit of both in the safest of all ways.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  

The gallery on these pages are quite user friendly.  Click on any thumbnail and the larger size image will open right on this page.

There are multiple ways to scroll through the images on the screen.  Along the bottom of the image you are currently viewing is a row of tiny thumbnails.  

You can click on each one to see the larger view.  Or choose the right or left arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate back and forth.

You can even watch this album as a video by clicking the arrow to the far left of the screen.  

You say you want to download one or two or all of them?  


Simply right click on the thumbnail at the bottom.  Follow the drop down menu to save your image the best way for you.

Have fun!  When you've finished exploring, click the word close on the right side of the gallery window.  

Your Insect Photo Album Adventure Begins Here...

Someone mentioned to me that bag worms were bad the year I took this picture.  Since they appear to all be gather in a sort of bag, I never questioned the name.

Then when I looked them up I found these are Tent Caterpillars.  They weave their tent around several nice green leaves.

These leaves serve as food for the hatching larvae.  You can imagine they are not welcome in such large quantities.

One day while we were walking on Falls of Neuse trail near our home, I noticed this bug resting in the middle of our path.

Leaf footed is the closest name I could find for this interesting and creepy looking critter.

It looks as if it has an armour for a body.  

Not long after I saw on Facebook it is a bug to beware of.  Seemed pretty harmless when I took it's picture.

I've always been fascinated by dragonflies.  When I was young someone once told me they were snake feeders.

I'm really not sure where that term came from.  As a curious child I asked but the adults I asked didn't know the answer either.

I did read, they will eat most any insect that is smaller than they are, even other dragonflies.

Fire ants are not the friendliest of insects.  

The first time I encountered these bugs was in El Paso, Texas when my daughter was just walking.

We were out playing in the yard when she started crying.  I noticed innocent looking ants on her legs and thought she was scared. 

Then one bit me and I realized my poor baby was under assault.  As you might guess I added this picture to my insect photo album with a bit of distaste.

Grasshoppers are fun insect photos to take.

The worst you might get from these guys is spit.

They remind me of tobacco chewers.  

Every kid loves grasshoppers and you can hear their giggles all over the neighborhood as they try to catch their prize.

This insect photo was added to the album from my Illinois collection of pictures.

You will find milkweed flowers in another part of the site.  But you're only going to find milkweed bugs right here.

It would seem these bugs were named after the place they are born.  New babies hatch on the plant and drink from these pods.

Imagine my surprise when I came out to the car to take a ride down the street.

I was visiting my daughter in West Virginia and we decided to go out for lunch.  We were both delighted to find this praying mantis on the hood of my rental.

Goldenrod flowers seem to me to be the last flowers to make a showing for the summer season. 

And they will bloom for quite a while up in Northern Illinois.  They grace the fields all about.

This bumblebee decided to take advantage.

I truly didn't think about putting butterflies in my insect photo album.

I was looking to see if another creature I had taken a picture of was actually an insect.

As it turns out, butterflies and the caterpillars they come from are both insects.

Creations by Sally's focus is digital art, and many of my ideas and art come from the flower and nature pictures that I take.   There are so many things about all of nature that I enjoy.  I hope you have enjoyed this insect photo album.  I welcome your pictures and stories too.

I've created a digital art gallery where you can purchase Prints.  The Praying Mantis here is one of my most popular.  Thank you for checking it out, here: opens in new window)

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