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It's My Butterfly!

by Suzan Ann
(Hyderabad, Telangana.India)

Tan and Black Butterfly

Tan and Black Butterfly

Butterflies are very beautiful to look at and admire. When you are sad, they can make you feel happy.

There is much joy to be had looking at butterflies near you and around you. They are of various colors, shapes and sizes.

Every person feels differently about butterflies landing on them. The meanings are often derived from the feelings inside of us at the time they enter our lives.

The first thing that comes to my mind is how great God is. He created them so delicately and beautifully. I sometimes wonder if He spent a lot of time in creating them.

I have saved many butterflies from getting drowned and suffocated.

Once two butterflies came into my room. I talk to them at times, when they come near me. I caught the butterflies which came into my room and left them gently on a flower stem. They happily flew away. I followed them for a distance and for some time, to see where they were going.

It felt good saving them, but I felt a touch of sadness in leaving them behind and knowing I would never see them again.


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