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Knockout Roses - The Easiest Roses to Grow!

by Carol Fielding

Pink Knockout Rose Bush

Pink Knockout Rose Bush

This is a picture of a rose called "Pink Knockout". These roses are without a doubt the easiest roses to grow!

When introduced in 1999, this series of roses became the standard for a new generation of carefree shrub roses. It has since become one of the most popular landscape roses in North America.

One of the reasons for its popularity is its immunity to black spot. Another is its seemingly endless ability to produce flowers non stop all season! Even if you neglect them, they continue to produce beautiful blooms!

It's no wonder why landscapers consider them "The" rose of choice for mass plantings. The stunning flowers blanket the plants all season in colors ranging from red, pink, rainbow, and now their latest addition of a yellow variety.

Mine bloom from early summer, way into the fall!

If you love growing roses as I do, and want some advice or tips on how to have lush beautiful plants, or maybe want ideas on creative ways to use your roses like:

  • Recipes,
  • potpourri,
  • and other crafts

You can even learn how to host a Victorian Tea party in your garden. Be sure and visit Carol's site to learn more about knockout roses and all about rose gardening and more.

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