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Exploring Ways To Learn Photography
At Your Own Pace

Learn photography is your gateway to photo tips for the beginner. Cover areas like ideal software, types of photography, favorite cameras, and even creating an online web site.

When it comes to learning photography, everyone has a starting point.  I am pretty much self taught and am here to share some of the many things I've learned.  I bought my first camera when I was fifteen and have been taking pictures in one form or another ever since.

Whether you are starting out or have been taking photos since before I was born, I hope we can learn from each other.

You may even be ready to take a class or two.  The easiest way to do this is see if you can find some online classes.  You will be able to find a treasure chest full of them if you do a search in google.  

In the mean time read on and I'll share a few tips with you.

Learn Photography Tips To Enhance Your Creations

One of the most important aspects about learning photography is purchasing the best equipment. Now that term "best" takes on a whole new light when it comes to taking pictures, doesn't it?

Some will have you believe that you must use a dslr camera to gain quality photos.

I must admit, I've never used one. That doesn't mean all those "professionals" are wrong.  It means I am not ready for that kind of involvement.

I have it on some very good authority that you can create professional photos using a good point and shoot camera. You can read more about that later. 

Black Eyed Susan wildflowers in Black and WhiteBlack and White Photography Samples

After you get the camera that works best for you, then it's time to play around with some different types of photography. For instance Black and White Photography has become quite popular since I started this site.

Every camera is different. But most digital cameras have color settings where you can choose to take your pictures in black and white.

Don't be discouraged if yours doesn't. I go over a few methods you can use in your own black and white creations. Just visit the page to see for yourself.

Enjoy Yourself While You Play With
Different Photography Methods

Autumn Still Life On CanvasThe Best Still Life Photography Pops With Personality

As you learn photography you may want to try your hand at setting up your pictures in specific styles.  Still Life Photography is one of my favorite styles. It takes a little setting up but you have total control in the outcome of your photo.

Keep in mind, you will be choosing, lighting, background and mainly the objects for each and every photo you take.

Macro photography is getting a lot of attention these days. When you take a picture up close with your digital camera the macro setting is the one to use. Usually you can find this setting by looking for a little flower on the back of your camera. The flower has the letters MF next to it.

Check out 5 Ways to Get More From Your Macro Photography

Enjoying All The Aspects of Digital Photography

Since the very first time a picked up a camera I've enjoyed the different joyful aspects of the way light plays on trees, walks, trails and more.  I've found the best way to learn photography is to get out there and take those pictures.  

And thanks to digital photography, the sky's the limit.  Enter the light play album by clicking on this picture.  You can enjoy some of my own lighting surprises.

Capturing reflections on any clear water surface is fun, isn't it?  And some days you can be met by some of the most dazzling occasions where your scenes are delightfully doubled.  See what I mean by visiting this reflections album.

Winter can be one of the best times for getting out and honing your photography skills.  You can and will actually learn photography does and don'ts just by enjoying what you come upon.  

Trust me, you will attract what you think about.  Just be sure and bundle up before you leave the comfort of your home.  

Taking pictures with an eye toward perspective can be fun and interesting.  Sometimes it happens with great planning and set up.  I'm sure you've seen them online.  You know the ones where you have someone who appears to be holding their hand on top of a tall building.

A couple of weeks ago we made a trip to the beach.  While on our way we stopped by the Wright Brothers exhibit.  We each took turns taking a photo of the monument high upon a hill.  When I looked at my photo I realized I have the perfect example of a true perspective shot.  I'll be adding it to the page very soon.

Let's Talk About Photo Enhancement

As you learn photography, you are going to want to explore new enhancements to your pictures.

There are many favorite types of photo effects that you can use with just about any photo editing software.  My favorite is GIMP.  I've learned a lot over the years using that program alone.  And best of all it's free.

Sepia is a photo effect you can create with no software at all. Take this rose photo for instance.  I used the color settings on my camera and chose the sepia tone.  You can do the same with black and white.  Be sure and check out your camera's settings.

I've actually turned photos into sepia using software as well.  My camera will also let me change already taken photos to multiple choices of colors.  When you choose the save option, you end up with two or more pictures in different styles.

Another popular style is to capture water drops.  I've never found an editing software that can do them quite as good as mother nature.

But you can fool mother nature if you take your own handy spray bottle when you go on those nature photography walks.

When You Are Ready For
Better Digital Photography

This article about placement of background objects, is one I'm sure you will enjoy.  Our guest author, Amy Renfrey gives a few great pointers about those annoying background objects that seem to find their way into the best of our favorite pictures.

I talked to Amy during the early stages of building my online business.  She has contributed so much to my readers and  I will forever be grateful to her.

She has a light and easy to read teaching mindset in her books.  I've written a review on her book package here... If you want to learn more about digital photography Success, this is a good place to start.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on ways to learn photography.  

Once you get out there and start experimenting with your own photo experience you may find you have Digital Photography Questions.  Please share them with us and see if we can answer them for you.  It's the place to help and be helped with your own specific adventures.

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