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Free Lily Family Pictures to Share

Lily family pictures vary quite a bit as you can see from this gallery. You may even see plants that you would not consider part of the lily family. I know I did.

One good example of this are the beautiful tulips you may have growing in your garden. Tulips happen to be one of my favorites.

They are so easy to grow. And they are up bright and early every spring. I had a neighbor tell me once that my tulips around our bird bath didn't look real. They were so perfect in shape and color.

The last two rows in this gallery are of pictures that may or may not be members of the Lily Family.

Plants are often re-classified over the years. And it would seem that since I took these pictures there has been a process of the lily family.

In 2009 APGIII changed many of the Lilies. [see note below]

This last row of lily family pictures is presented in cooperation with Wikipedia Commons. You can read more about

Earlier in this article I mention the fact that there appears to be a changing of plant classification going on. The reason I say appears is because of the reference to "informal" group. This note is simply for clarity.

The Angiosperm Phylogeny Group, or APG, refers to an informal international group of systematic botanists who came together to try to establish a consensus view of the taxonomy of flowering plants (angiosperms) that would reflect new knowledge about their relationships based upon phylogenetic studies. As of 2010[update], three incremental versions of a classification system have resulted from this collaboration (published in 1998, 2003 and 2009). An important motivation for the group was what they viewed as deficiencies in prior angiosperm classifications, which were not based on monophyletic groups (i.e. groups consisting of all the descendants of a common ancestor). APG publications are increasingly influential, with a number of major herbaria changing the arrangement of their collections to match the latest APG system...Read more at (Opens in new window)

The first flower in this row is Erythronium (fawn-lily, trout-lily, dog's-tooth violet, adder's-tongue) and is a spring-flowering perennial plant with long, tooth-like bulbs and attractive pendant flowers, native to forest and meadow in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Next is Calochortus - Sego Lily

The Star of Bethlehem is officially called Gagea lutea and was taken by Chris Dixon on the 5th of April 2005.

The last picture in this set is known as the Clintonia-Borealis. This picture is actually of the fruit of this lily. The flower is pale yellow. If you happen to have a picture of the Clintonia-Borealis lily, perhaps you would like to share it.  You can easily do so by scrolling to the bottom of this lily family pictures page.  

You will be joining readers like, Faye from Indiana who shares how she grows shade loving Hosta Lilies in full sun

Perhaps you have a question like reader Alan from Ireland looking for the name of lilies in his garden. You may even know the real name of the lilies I've called Painted Pixie Asiatic Lilies. Alan also shares a few more Lilies in Ireland that he nurtures in his beautiful garden.

Faye also had a similar question about her plant I originally called Silver Queen Shrub. At first she thought it was a Hosta Lily but as it grew she knew she was dealing with something different.

Many readers commented. The "prize" as Faye told me went to reader Debbie came up with a winner for sure in Solomon's Seal. We're waiting on flowers to bloom so that we will see if that name sticks.

You may have a story like Vera from Oregon who shares with us a picture of Field Lilies in My Garden

As you can see your lily pictures and stories will be as diverse as the place you live. This may conclude the lily family pictures that I have so far. But between you and me, I'm sure there will be more to come.

Be sure and check back often because Creations by Sally is constantly growing. There are many ways you can keep up to date. Join Nature Tales using the form either at the top or bottom of the page. Add us to your RSS Feed with the Orange buttons you see in the left hand navigation. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Perhaps you have a story about field lilies in my garden like Vera from Oregon. And there is Tom also from Oregon who let me know my Chicory page was outdated with his Blue Sailors Travel West story.

So feel free to let me know what you think, but please be nice. Share your gallery photos here...

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