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Lily pictures album is sure to be a success.  Since Creations by Sally came online, anything about lilies has been a hit.  I hope you enjoy this collection gathered just for you. All of your favorites can be found here.

This entry page of lily pictures album is divided into sections.  You'll see a strip sample of each album.  The heading tells you what types of lily pictures you will find.  If you click on that strip it will take you to that specific album page.

Once you enter an album opening and downloading your favorite photographs is a snap.  All album pages throughout this free photo gallery work the same.  Click on any thumbnail and you are set to view the generous 500 x 375 pixel images.

This is the perfect size image for use in web pages (please tell people you got your images from  

They can also be used in E-books and your own personal greeting cards.  If you are interested in larger images for use in creating e-book covers and other commercial purposes.  Special requests are also welcome.  

Feel free to contact Sally (that's me), using my easy to use contact form.

Your Lily Pictures Album Adventure Begins With Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic lilies are some of the most popular lilies you can buy.  That cluster of orange lilies above was one in a group of lilies growing along the edge of a neighbors yard.  

They appeared to escape from under their long hedge of privacy bushes.  This tells me that we might want to watch where we plant our favorites.  Not to worry too much though, because there are plenty to go round.  They multiply all on their own when they are not separated by you, the gardener.  

Take your time as you browse through your favorites in this lily pictures album.  You will find download and usage instructions at the bottom of nearly every page of this site.

A Few Ideas for using these pictures of lilies

  •   scrap books - just print out your favorite lily picture and glue it in a scrap book page with a lily theme.
  •   school projects - Many school projects could use a little help from a lily or two.
  •   personal greeting cards - Greeting cards are the favorite place to use lily pictures.
  •   personal presentations - Giving a presentation at work?  Why not give it a little color and perk?

Lily Varieties Album is a Sampling of Flowers That Have Lily in Their Name

Around 1998 a team of international botanists began the process of re-classifying the plants found in the Lilliaceae Family.  This particular family of plants had become a "catch-all" for thousands of plants.  

What this means is that many of the flowers and plants we know as lily varieties are not "true lilies".  You can read more here in this article in Wikkipedia on "Lilliaceae" (opens in new window)

Exotic Lilies Album Includes Canna and Calla Lilies to Enjoy

I named this lily pictures album exotic lilies because the flowers themselves are beautifully exotic in nature.  Although we know them as Canna Lily and Calla Lily, they have been reclassified to a different family of flowering plants.

So if you do a search for a Canna Lily you will notice that this flower is now called just a Canna and is a member of the Cannaceae family.

And the correct term for Calla Lily is simply Calla.  They are members of the Araceae family.

For now, they will remain in this album.  Who knows there could be a change on down the line as we come up with more and more species of plants we call flowers.

Hosta Lilies Album Pictures of The Flower Known as Plantain Lily

Hosta lilies are a shade loving plant.  They are popular as ground covers under trees.  The Riverwalk in Naperville Illinois has the largest collection I've ever seen anywhere.  Most of my pictures in this album were taken there.  Enter by clicking the strip of flowers above.

Water Lilies Album Are Flowers Also Known as The Lotus Flower

Finally in this collection on Lily Pictures Album we have Water Lilies.  Like many flowers the water lily has a story behind it.  Water Lilies are also known as the Lotus Flower.  You may often seen pictures of these flowers used in books on meditation and the like.  And you may think of them as Pond Lilies or Pond Plants.

Take pictures of lilies from your own garden ponds with the help of  David from Your Garden Ponds Center.  He will be glad to help.  David was also kind enough to submit a picture of one of his ponds.  You can see it on the Water Lily Picture page.

His site focuses on garden ponds information and design ideas.  By the time you have browsed the whole site you will be ready to have your very own garden pond complete with water lilies and more.

There are times when readers come across different types of lilies.  I may receive an email asking me what type of lily they have taken a picture of like Kenric from Connecticut who had an awesome picture of a Sacred Water Lily and an even more precious story to tell about it.  And then there is Larissa from New Zealand who has a very exotic lily in her garden that she was kind enough to share with us.  How about you?  Share your story at the bottom about different types of lilies here and you can have your own page on Creations by Sally.

How To Use Pictures From Creations By Sally

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  • Slideshow - Each album gives you the option to "View Slideshow". Simply open an album and choose the slideshow option and site back to enjoy each image in that album.

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Perhaps you have a story about field lilies in my garden like Vera from Oregon. And there is Tom also from Oregon who let me know my Chicory page was outdated with his Blue Sailors Travel West story.

So feel free to let me know what you think, but please be nice. Share your gallery photos here...

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