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Lovely Monarch Butterfly Rests on My Hair

by Denise Doolan
(Chapel Hill, NC, USA)

Butterfly Sitting on my head

Butterfly Sitting on my head

This Monarch Butterfly landed on my hair at a crowded early evening summer performance.

I was sitting with my granddaughters, and they told me a butterfly was resting on my hair!

We were amazed at how content the butterfly was- it stayed on my hair for 15 -20 minutes,

flying off once or twice but staying nearby, and returning to my hair very quickly.

I have always loved animals of all kinds, and feel very calm and kindly toward them.

I was sitting quite still, as I was watching an outdoor performance.

I felt very pleased & grateful to this little creature for spending some quiet time with me.

What does it mean? I do not know. But it did fill me with a feeling of being blessed and rewarded

by this little butterfly for my ongoing devotion to all creatures.

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