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Magpie Photos And Poems

by Sharleen

Magpies gathered around the back yard pool.

Magpies gathered around the back yard pool.

I love standing at my kitchen window watching these European Magpies come to visit. They inspired me to write a poem of expression. This is how I see these lovely creatures. They are Mother Nature's gift to us.

Magpie Mutterings

Their clown-suits express them.
The three striped lights,
Like corrigated cardboard.
They shuffle as they talk
In between the lines of languages.

I am from Norway and my native tongue is not English. I know that translation into other languages can sometimes take away from my true intent so I would also like to offer this poem in it's original language


Deres klovndraktane

Avspeila dei lika mykjesom gåganga.

Dei gynga fram ogte’baka

I mellommannstungar:

Dei skravlenda skjærapå bakkajakt.

I hope you enjoyed this poem as much as I did writing it. And for those of you who love bird pictures, here is another photo story just for you.

Magpie Pictures For Your Enjoyment

Finding my Wings - this early bird spreads his wings as he comes in for a landing. It is always fun to watch young birds as they leave the nest for the first time.

Fencing A Conversation - Just like people you can find Magpies chirping back and forth on your fence. They seem to take the tradition of good fences to a whole new level.

You may often see these birds fighting over a treasured find. You can almost here them say to one another, "I found it first!"

Then one will give up and walk away. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it? "Okay, I can be independent"

And just like us, we get confused about their attitude. "What do you mean you're not ready to nest yet?" After all, isn't that what we were made for?

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