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Magpies And The Bread Story

by Sharleen

Magpies Tale - The Bread Story<br>OHHHHH lookey...real Norwegian bread!!!!  How Wonder-full!

Magpies Tale - The Bread Story
OHHHHH lookey...real Norwegian bread!!!! How Wonder-full!

European Magpies are believed to bring with them a sign of a change. In Norway, a magpie is considered cunning and thievish. They can be wicked, but playful and loud birds. Magpies are also bringers of good weather.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is a picture story I took one afternoon. I hope you have as much fun with it as I did.

The Bread Story

C'mon Breadcrumbs!  The excitement builds.

Watching my little Magpie friend, I can almost here his thoughts as he teeters on the edge of my pool. His eyes are fixed on those floating pieces of bread. "Okay, okay. I think I've got it in site! C'mon breadcrumbs!"

Yeessshh!  I think I've got it!

He tips toward the pool and you can almost hear him scream, "Yeeesssshhhh! I think I've got it!!!"

Only the elusive slice moves to the other side of the pool.

magpie stretches for the bread

Mr. Magpie is not to be thwarted. He follows his meal to the other side of the pool, the bread moves closer to the edge. It comes within his reach. "It's comin'...I've almost got it.", he thinks.

Magpie...and I can't swim!

He teeters on one leg flapping his wings madly to keep from falling in, "Oh no!!!! And I Can't Swim! lol..."

magpies meet at the pool with bread to be had

Suddenly another Magpie arrives on the scene. He must have been attracted by all the noise of our hungry friend.

"Well, Hi there, cutie. Want some help?
I'm REAAALLY good at helping!" Two are always better than one, you know.

magpies join forces

They huddle together working out the best plan for grabbing their favorite food. "So if WE just keep it cornered, you see, there'll be bread for supper!"

magpies play at getting the bread and being a hero

This time the bread seems to have chosen a favorite of the two birds to sacrafice it's life to. This is a good time for our Magpie friend to play the hero of the day.

"On second thought, I'm pretty hungry,
maybe I can get it to you, and be your hero?!!!"

magpies take flight

What's that, they scream in their most startled voices. "YIIIIKKKES. JUST YOU and ME kid, get your wings in gear,
SHE'S coming...take the bread and flap those wings!!!!"

Off they flew with dinner in beak. Their prize had been won!

I had made a sudden move from behind my curtain and off they flew. But wasn't it a fun way to spend a moment or two?

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Mar 08, 2009
Cute Story
by: Anonymous

These are cute pictures that tell their own story.

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