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Morning Surprise!

by Vishuwat

Today began like every other day. When I came to my room after breakfast, I went to our hostel's balcony. It was there that I saw an orange and brown butterfly.

I wondered if I would be able to hold it in my hand. I was sure that it would fly away once I tried to take her on my hand.

But, I tried anyway. I was amazed to see what happened next.

The butterfly just came to my hand, I didn't believe what just happened. So I decided to make the butterfly sit on my other hand.

To my delight she did it with comfort.

I just kept thinking how the butterfly sat on my hand. I thought may be it could be a kind of sign.

I'm superstitious, so I searched the phrase, "butterfly sitting on hand" on the internet. There were many results.

  • Some say that she might be your Guardian angel,
  • Some say it is the sign of having love relationship
  • And the most common was that it is a sign of good luck and serendipity

I didn't go to college but I didn't want to shoo away that lovely butterfly.

While searching on the internet, I came across this website and saw another butterfly story.

I quickly uploaded photos and my story too. I am very interested in sharing this wonderful moment with all the people in this beautiful world.

Thank You,

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