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Your opportunity for taking  mushroom pictures pops up just about everywhere after a good rain.  We enjoy walking in the local woods around Northern Illinois.  

And one of my favorite things to do is spot mushrooms.  When you think about it, it's like the law of attraction.  If you put your attention on a subject you will be rewarded with more of that. 

It may be something as simple as updating my page about mushrooms.  My husband and I moved into our new house little over a year ago.  I moved to North Carolina around 2011.

Since our move to the new house, one day I was talking about the many mushrooms I saw while living in Illinois.  And I remarked that I have not seen many at all since I moved to NC.

The next day I was out walking around the yard and there were mushrooms everywhere.  It was as if they came just for my pleasure.  All it takes really is a little moisture.  I don't really have magical powers, honest. 

Mushroom Pictures Just For The Fun of it...

It is amazing the variety of mushrooms that are out there.  I did a search on just the word mushrooms and found that there are over 2000 varieties.  There are actually people who search for mushrooms that are edible.

This is not something I recommend unless you really know what you are doing.  There are just too many types of mushrooms that are poisonous.

I try to identify the flowers and other nature pictures that I take but in this case there are just too many.  

And I didn't find any that looked close enough to the pictures you will find on this page to even wager a guess as to what types of mushrooms you are looking at.

Mushroom Pictures Taken in the Forest

white mushrooms taken in forest walk in IllinoisA walk in the forest of Northern Illinois

The mushrooms in these pictures are pretty common in the forest areas around northern Illinois.  The black and white ones in the middle can be spotted on the floor of the forest preserve a lot.

 I did see a few mushrooms in a wikipedia article that look similar to the mushrooms in the end picture here.

Mushroom Pictures in Surprising Places

This first picture is not so unusual.  But in the middle picture you get to see what the bottom side of a mushroom looks like.  Someone had pulled this plane white mushroom up and so I decided to take a picture of the bottom side.

The picture on the end is a favorite.  These bright orange mushrooms were growing in the middle of the lawn at the park.  From the parking area they looked like piles of orange foam rubber.  I later saw some similar near the base of trees.

Trees Offer a Great Opportunity For
Taking Mushroom Pictures

If your imagination is working overtime you might just see a moon crator here in the close-up of the top of a mushroom.  You can see the whole fungus in the pictures below.

These next two pictures are mushrooms growing on a tree trunk and a log.  Often on walks in the fall these white wonders can be seen growing on logs that lie along the floor of the forest.

In the middle is a mushroom growing from the side of a tree trunk.  These are often seen along the river where trees have been cleared to keep an area neat.  The mushrooms don't live long but they pop up often.

One Of My Favorite Mushroom Picture

Fancy brown mushrooms snuggling in the darkHere are those close up mushrooms from a distance

On the large picture above you can download by a simple right click of your mouse.  With a Mac you can click your mouse while clicking the control key to get this menu.

Choose "save image" or "download image".  On the Mac you would choose "save linked file to "Downloads"". Choices may vary depending on your browser and computer.

If you are looking for even more free creations by Sally, this is the place you will find them. You'll find hundreds that are free to use today. I update and add more regularly. So even if you've been here before, you might want to check it out again.

You may be wondering what you are aloud to do with these free photos. I do have a page that gives you full instructions. Check out terms of use here.... You'll find a link code there to use when publishing these images to another website.

If you want, come back and tell me where you have used the photos. I enjoy seeing where my photos go. In the mean time feel free to download the pictures you will find throughout Creations by Sally.

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