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Mushroom Shishkebabs

by Kenric A. Prescott
(Hartford, CT)

Mushrooms Located In The New York Botanical Gardens

Mushrooms Located In The New York Botanical Gardens

Mushrooms taken in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory located in the New York Botanical Gardens. These mushrooms are part of the rain forest collection.

On Sunday, June 7, 2007, I was finally able to visit New York Botanical Gardens after two previous attempts.

Attempt Number One

On a Friday in May I took the two hour drive from Hartford, CT in pouring rain. I parked the car, grabbed an umbrella and opened the trunk to get my camera bag and monopod, only to be brutally reminded that I had taken the camera bag out a few nights earlier to charge all batteries and make sure that I had sufficient flash cards, and woefully realized that I had not picked it up when I left for NY.

Attempt Number Two

Two weeks later, having placed the camera bag securely in the seat behind me, I made my trek to NY, pulled into the parking lot of the Gardens, and wondered why there were so few cars in the parking lot. That's when I learned from the sentry at the gate that the Botanical Gardens are closed on Monday's. ;(

Success at Last!

Finally, on June 7th, all of my hopes and anticipations were fulfilled as I spent over three hours in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory which features flowers, plants and trees usually found in misty rain forests, dramatic deserts, and provides visitors with seasonal spectacles.

Every area of the conservatory brought me repeated eyefuls and breathtaking plants and flowers filled with "shock and awe"(to append the words of our former president).

Beautiful Mushrooms

I was stunned by the beauty of this flowering branch of a rain forest tree; regrettably, I was so enthralled with its unique beauty, that I never looked at the identifying placard. So to me, they are my Mushroom Shishkebabs, :>)

A Paradise Worth Visiting

If you haven't had the privilege of visiting the New York Botanical Gardens, put it on your list of things to do/go before you leave earth. It'll give you a micro-view of what Paradise must be like.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, dress for the season, and make it a day. But as for me, since I have only seen one of the many display areas, there's no question what I would be writing if I were back in elementary school on the first week back from summer vacation; "How I Wore out my Shoes and Cameras at New York Botanical Gardens."

Kenric A. Prescott (A.K.A. 'Pastor Kap')

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Oct 03, 2015
Good post
by: Garrick Ziemann Jr.

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May I share your article on my site and link at you as an author?

Thanks for answering!

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