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My Friendly Pretty Butterfly

by Darling
(Villasis, Pangasinan, Philippines)

Brown Spotted Butterfly Lands on my hand

Brown Spotted Butterfly Lands on my hand

Last Sunday morning, I went to see my neighbor to ask if they have news about cancellation of school classes on Monday. I am a teacher and I have been receiving heaps of text messages inquiring about the matter.

As I was speaking to them I noticed a pretty butterfly sitting on a soap dish on my neighbor's garden table.

I took several photos of it and it just sits there even when I took a really close up shot.

I have always been kind to all creatures, that I would even tell my mom not to kill a cockroach she found in our bathroom.

I asked the butterfly if it would like to sit on my hand and amazingly, it flew and landed on my hand.

It was so gorgeous. I took more photos of it and even a video.

It stayed in my hands for over 8 minutes.

It flew away for a second but came back straight to my fingers. It didn't leave me until I told it that it can go find and join its friends or family.

And that's when I said, "Bye bye butterfly, thanks for the wonderful moment".

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