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Come Explore National Parks With Us

Visiting National Parks has become part of our way of life.  I've always dreamed of one day being able to visit the many awesome natural wonders that cover this country where I was born.

Now I'd like to share our dream come true.  In 2015 I moved to North Carolina to be close to my youngest daughter and my grandchildren.  

Sometimes being in transition can bring many surprises.  I met the perfect travel companion shortly after moving here.  That was in 2015.  Since that time we've camped across the US and enjoyed visiting many of this countries beautiful places to visit and stay.

It's time to share some of those adventures with you.  I hope you enjoy this new aspect of as much as we've enjoyed creating the adventures you are about to see.

National Parks Adventures Begins With Arches

Arches is one park you won't want to miss.  The arch in this picture was by far the most popular place in the park to get close to.  You can see those lucky souls who made it there from our arrival vantage point.

I was certainly glad I had a good zoom on my camera.  The park is a drive through park that you park and hike through key must see spots.  It is a self guided tour that is breathtaking every step of the way.  

The image here will take you to the full story of our day there.  More images too.  Even a surprise lizard that held up the crowd.  Read more of our journey on the path we chose and pictures taken along the way.

Pictured Rocks is located along Lake Superior.  And trust me when I say, this lake shore deserves a week at least to take in the full scope of it's beauty.

I'm sure we will return.  But trust me the shortness of our one day hiking allowed for tons of pictures and stories to tell.

You may have noticed that this park has the designation of lakeshore instead of park.  That's because it is located on the breathtaking shores of Lake Superior. 

Click on the picture above and you'll be taken to a page of adventure and pictures of this awesome park.  Did you know that the Hopi Indians were some of the first settlers in the Grand Canyon before it became a national park?  

There is even a dedicated are where you can walk through a Hopi home furnished and brimming with history.

Growing List of Stories And Adventures...

Our stories continue as we travel each year to new and exciting areas of our beautiful country.  Every state has something to offer.  Although I'm not so sure that every state includes parks that are considered "National"

The rest of the images on this page are in process of becoming part of a full article very soon.  You might want to bookmark so you can find it quickly.  

I used Route 19 traveling between WV and North Carolina several times before I notice the small arrow and sign indicating there is a National Park in that direction. 

Many of these parks serve multiple purposes.  For instance camping in a national park can be an adventure that can last longer and give you even more opportunities to explore all that each has to offer.

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