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You will find a great selection in nature pictures section. In this section you will find downloadable images for your nature website just a mouse click away.

I've divded my free photo gallery into sections of similar categories.  Emmerce yourself in your favorite set of pictures.  Think of this gallery as a living experience.

Enter each album by clicking the  images in your favorite category.  Let's say you are looking for butterfly pictures.  Think of the pictures on this page as doorways to specific albums.

Opening and downloading your favorite photographs is a snap.  All album pages throughout this photo gallery work the same.  Click on any thumbnail and you are set to view the generous 500 x 375 pixel images.

This is the perfect size image for use in web pages (please tell people you got your images from  They can also be used in Ebooks and your own personal greeting cards.  

If you are interested in larger images for use in creating E-book covers and  other commercial purposes, I offer royalty free photos at fantastic prices.  Special requests are welcome.  Feel free to contact Sally (that's me), using my easy to use contact form.

Butterflies Album Is First On Your Nature Pictures Section List Of Beauties

Butterflies are always fun to capture in pictures.  Sometimes they can be a challenge.  Often by the time you grab your camera these creatures are off to the next delectable flower.

One thing for certain, when watching butterflies travel from flower to flower will surely bring you delight.

Take your time and enjoy this walk through Creations by Sally Gallery.

Low Tide Photo Album

Enjoy this trek through low tide in December as the kids and I tip toe over Coral, skip across tide pools.  Our walk along the beach becomes a real education and adventure all wrapped up in one afternoon.

Yes sometimes adventures along the beach are part of nature pictures section of favorite things to see and do.

Insect Photo Album

Sometimes its fun to look at those creepy crawly bugs that visit your garden.  Maybe you just want to identify one for school.  Feel free to use the photos you find.  Be sure and let everyone know you got them from

Mushroom Pictures Album

The wonders of nature thrill me with surprises.  Take a walk in the forest or even just down the street after a rain and you will find beautiful mysteriuos mushrooms popping up everywhere.

I am by no means an expert on mushrooms.  But that does not stop me from being excited when I take pictures of them.

Ornamental Grass Album

Ornamental grasses often make the focal point of yards and gardens.  As I walk around my neighborhood or just about any area I visit, I am sure to see the perfect photo op.

Any nature pictures section would be lacking if it did not include the many beautiful grasses that make up eye candy for you to enjoy.

Nature Pictures Section Presents Home Schooling Project Ideas

Sunset Cliffs of California Enjoying Low Tide in December

Imagine walking around on the ocean floor at sunset is a thrilling adventure.  My grandchildren have enjoyed this adventure as part of their schooling.

While visiting one December the kids decided grandma would enjoy this adventure as much as them.  And they were right.  Come walk with me at low tide along the beach of Sunset Cliffs in California.

Reptiles Album

Frogs, turtles, snakes and a few other creatures are waiting to greet you in this album. Be sure and check out the snake with its head above the water.  A closer look I noticed as I walked away that he was intently watching a man fishing behind us.

I wondered if he was waiting to capture any fish as they passed him from upstream.

Enjoy The Stories Behind Nature Pictures

Almost every photo tells a story, doesn't it?  Take this picture for instance.  This is my granddaughter holding a baby Praying Mantis.  

By the way, this praying mantis was part of a home school science project.  You can read a little more by visiting Pictures of Nature here.

The images in my galleries are a generous 500 x 375 and can be printed easily on 4x6 photo paper suitable for framing. You may even find that some will easily print 8 x 10 quality photos.

You will find this size image available for sale at many stock photography sites online. You will even find many of these photos available in larger sizes for sale here on Creations by Sally.  If that is what you are looking for, be sure and check out this article about tips to  buy stock photos.

Many of my readers only need the smaller size images. Many simply enjoy relaxing and browsing through the slideshows. It is my pleasure to present to you this top quality gallery for your viewing enjoyment.

How To Use Pictures From Creations By Sally

Benefits Include:

  • Download - Quickly and easily download each image to your computer hard drive.
  • Wallpaper - Create instant desktop wallpaper with the click of your mouse.
  • Share - Share your favorite images with friends and family. Even share them on your favorite social media network.
  • Websites - Place the images on your own personal website. All I ask is that you give Creations by Sally, credit for the source.
  • Slideshow - Each album gives you the option to "View Slideshow". Simply open an album and choose the slideshow option and site back to enjoy each image in that album.

Creations By Sally; is a growing community. While most pictures you find throughout the site are free to download; (click for step by step instructions). You can copy the code below and paste it into your website below the pictures you use.

You might want to sign up for our free newsletter, Tips and Ops, so you don't miss regular updates. Enjoy you journey!

I hope you have enjoyed this nature pictures section of my site.  I love exploring and nature walking and if I can bring a smile to your face in doing that it makes life just awesome.

Share Your Favorite Pictures and Story

How would you like to be a part of Creations by Sally's Free Photo Gallery? It's easy and it's fun. You can upload up to 4 of your own photos telling about them and yourself.

Join the fun of telling about your own exciting discoveries. Or simply share what you know about the photos you find here. Make comments on your favorite photos. Even correct me when you know I've mislabeled something.

Perhaps you have a story about field lilies in my garden like Vera from Oregon. And there is Tom also from Oregon who let me know my Chicory page was outdated with his Blue Sailors Travel West story.

So feel free to let me know what you think, but please be nice. Share your gallery photos here...

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Has looking at all of these photos have you longing to share your own? Do you have a great story about your adventure when you took it? Share it!

You can share up to 4 photos. If you have more be sure and contact me here.

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