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Nature Wallpaper
Easy Steps For Creating Your Own

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Learn these easy steps for creating beautiful nature wallpaper. This is the place to find all the desktop backgrounds you could ask for. I've included a few computer background pages you may enjoy browsing around in also.

This article will guide you through the steps of placing nature wallpaper pictures on your computer desktop. These pictures are free for your personal use only.

They are not for resale or commercial use.  See my terms of use for details on how you are free to use the images you find here.

If you are interested in commercial use of any picture you see on Creations by Sally, I've set up an easy to use contact form here.  Simply enter your request and the picture you are interested.  

I always try to answer on the same day you submit your questions.  If you do not hear from me by the end of the day, please come back and try again.

I am eager to assist you with your requests.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these images today.

Samples of Free Nature Wallpaper Pictures

Begin your free nature wallpaper collection with this first set of four images.  All you have to do to view a larger version of the photo is click any thumbnail on this page.

Downloading is easy as a couple clicks of your mouse.  Right click on the thumbnail you want to use.  Then choose "Save image as...".

The online gallery then opens right on top of this page.  Scroll through and see which ones you like most.  If you are familiar with image downloading you know what to do.

Step by Step Instructions For Creating Desktop Nature Wallpaper

Here are the steps for downloading most pictures you like to your computer. First you double click the thumbnail you like. Once you have the larger view on your screen you.

  • Right click on that picture or thumbnail at bottom of gallery window
  • From the menu that pops up choose "Save Picture As"

This will open a new window inside your computer. This is the "Save Picture" window. This is the place you decide where to place your picture.

There are three boxes in this window that you want to note before actually clicking the save button.

At the top you see "Save In". This box lets you decide what folder to place your picture in. The default folder is called "My Pictures".

I save all of my pictures into this folder.

Watch for the Exception

There is one exception you want to watch out for. If you recently saved something to your computer, that folder name will be in the save to spot.

For example, if you just saved a file called "Letter to Mom" in your documents folder, this is the folder  your picture will be saved to, unless you change it now.  So always, always check the location your file will "Save in".  This is at the top of your saving window.

I have lost many files (including pictures) this way.

A click on the arrow at the right will allow you to choose another folder to place your picture in. This would be a good time to make note of what folder your picture file will go in.

You will need to know this name when you go back to find your nature wallpaper later.

Giving Your Nature Wallpaper a New "File Name"

Look down at the bottom of your "Save Picture" window.

At the bottom of this save picture window you see "File Name". The name given to the picture when it was created is here. You may change this name to something easier to remember.  This will be the name you look for when you are ready to create your nature wallpaper.

"Save as Type" Box

This last box will tell you what format your picture is in.

"Save as type:" This is the format of your picture.

Most pictures you get from the web are in what is known as a JPEG (*.jpg).  Some pictures may try to save as a format known as "bitmap".   You want to change this to the JPEG format from the drop down menu if you can.

Now you are ready to click the  save button.

Finding Your Pictures

Now you are ready to retrieve your Nature Wallpaper picture from your computer. Do you remember where you saved it? We are going to assume you saved it in the folder known as  "My Pictures".

The easiest thing to do is to do a search for "My Pictures". The My Pictures folder may be the only folder that shows up.

Right click on this folder and choose "Open" from the pop up  menu.

You will see a list of files. You should see your picture file toward the bottom of the screen. The view you see is probably just a list of file names.

Changing The View You See

Let's change that view.  At the top of you're "My Pictures" folder click on the word View. Then from the drop down menu choose  "Thumbnail".

Your screen will change to small pictures to select from.  Now all you have to do is right click on the small picture or thumbnail of the image you are looking for. Choose "Save as Desktop Background" from the menu.


You have just created a beautiful Nature Wallpaper to your desktop.  If you're like me, you probably have a ton of windows blocking your view right now.  So minimize or close them.  You should then be able to see your new desktop wallpaper.

I hope you  enjoy your selection.  Be sure and come back and get more.  I update regularly.

If you are looking for even more free creations by Sally, this is the place you will find them. You'll find hundreds that are free to use today. I update and add more regularly. So even if you've been here before, you might want to check it out again.

You may be wondering what you are aloud to do with these free photos. I do have a page that gives you full instructions. Check out terms of use here.... You'll find a link code there to use when publishing these images to another website.

If you want, come back and tell me where you have used the photos. I enjoy seeing where my photos go. In the mean time feel free to download the pictures you will find throughout Creations by Sally.

How To Use Pictures From Creations By Sally

Benefits Include:

  • Download - Quickly and easily download each image to your computer hard drive.
  • Wallpaper - Create instant desktop wallpaper with the click of your mouse.
  • Share - Share your favorite images with friends and family. Even share them on your favorite social media network.
  • Websites - Place the images on your own personal website. All I ask is that you give Creations by Sally, credit for the source.
  • Slideshow - Each album gives you the option to "View Slideshow". Simply open an album and choose the slideshow option and site back to enjoy each image in that album.

Creations By Sally; is a growing community. While most pictures you find throughout the site are free to download; (click for step by step instructions). You can copy the code below and paste it into your website below the pictures you use.

You might want to sign up for our free newsletter, Tips and Ops, so you don't miss regular updates. Enjoy you journey!

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