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Our Friend The Red Admiral

by Gillian
(Cambridgeshire, England)

Red Admiral Stops by For Visit

Red Admiral Stops by For Visit

I hope a story from across the pond will be of interest to your readers!

For many years we have had a regular visitor to our garden in summer- a Red Admiral butterfly. Now I know it can't be the same one, but it hovers over the same part of our garden, landing on the same bush.

We have had some tough times in the past year.

My mother in law passed away, my parents have been unwell, my husband was involved in a near fatal car crash at Christmas.

So not surprisingly, I have been very down, and had to leave my job to care for my husband.

My daughter and I were sitting together last evening, when we saw our visitor flitting in the garden. We went out to say hello.

With no real expectation, I held out my hand, and to my surprise, it landed on me. Not once, but in a half hour, over a dozen times. We could not believe it.

My daughter took a couple of photos, and my neighbor, a church minister could hardly believe it as he watched over the fence.

The pure joy I felt as I watched it flex its wings and curl then uncurl its 'tongue' was so heartfelt. I had to believe it was a sign, and that maybe things are about to get better.

My neighbor told me I looked 'spiritually happy'. He reminded me of a memorial service held in our village a few years ago, for a young mother who sadly died of cancer.

As we stood in the church, on a chilly January morning, another Red Admiral flew over the heads of the congregation, swooping back and forth.

Totally out of season, and witnessed by a couple hundred people. A case perhaps of more in heaven and earth than we will maybe ever know.

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Jun 21, 2017
A Touching Story
by: Sally

Thank you Gillian for such a lovely and touching story.

I always love hearing such positive stories showing as you say there is more to life than we allow ourselves to enjoy sometimes.

I send you blessings of comfort for your recent losses.



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