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Why is creating a successful online business so confusing? There are so many things to learn.

Everyday I receive some kind of advertising telling me "Succeed Online With my Course!" Blah Blah Blah. Don't you just want to kick your computer?

They don't tell you the part about this being a real business. And like any REAL business you have to put in the effort. Success is not something that happens to you. Success is something You! create.

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Are you just starting out and looking for a place to show your work? This is a good place to start!   You may be asking, is it all Work and no play?

Actually, no.

One summer a fiend and I decided to join a farmers market co-op.  We had delightful fresh vegetables delivered to our front door once a week for the entire growing season.  

The last week may have been an honest blessing all by itself.  Our last delivery was a cluster of small gourds all different colors and shapes.  Let's just say they turned on my creativity light.

I took a basket of straw flowers in a horn of plenty shape and removed the flowers.  Add in gourds, a few autumn leaves and a cloth for background.  Light from the window and voila!  Perfect still life photos.  

You can purchase this print to canvas or a variety of papers in multiple sizes by visiting Sally Jardine's Gallery. You can even get it framed so that it arrives on your doorstep ready to hang.

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I won't tell you that if you buy my book, or course that you will instantly become successful. It does take work and imagination to be successful.

You have to get your art in front of the people who would be interested in buying it. Yes you can upload your art and photographs on numerous sites that promise to help you sell your art.

But it is always a good idea to help that process along a little. I created Creations by Sally for just that purpose; to help promote my art. And it has done an excellent job of doing that.

Now it's your turn to share in the traffic that I've created through the best resources I know.  I built this site with  Solo Build It! the worlds best resource for creating a successful Online Business.

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Are you an artist, photographer, photo artist or even digital artist looking for a way to draw traffic to your work? Tell the world about your work and yourself. Create a profile that works.

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