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How to Make Photo Editing Easy
What You Need And Where to Find It

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When it comes to photo editing many people like to use their camera's built in options. If you can relate to that, let's explore how you can take those pictures to a whole new level in a fun and easy way. I promise it won't hurt a bit.

Most digital camera's come with photo editing software that you can download for free. I know Kodak does. I also know that my Canon does as well.  

My Canon will even let you edit and save a copy of your images before you save them to disc or computer.  

Another thing I learned, the hard way, is that any changes you make in your  camera filters remain set until you reset your camera.  So you want to be careful what you've chosen to do.  

Here is an example for you.  After looking at some of the edited images one of my sisters made to some of her pictures, I decided to play around with my Canon.  I ended up shooting a whole series of flower photos in Sepia tones.

I loved the effect.  But I didn't want every rose in the garden to be in Sepia.

In some cases your camera may have options to remove red eye, use special preset colors effects, and rotate. Each editing option differs with the camera that you use.

These options can be confusing. I know I would be lost without the book that came with my Canon camera, when it comes to using these options.

Don't get me wrong.  Canon has been my favorite brand of camera since I moved into the digital age. I've found them to be the most user friendly of all cameras.

But I also found myself needing some way to edit my photos.

Specific Photo Editing Needs
Require The Right Software

Here is one very good example that might have you running to find the best  software available for the job you have in mind.  It's called being blinded by your subject.

  • You've taken the perfect picture of that awesome willow in the park. Then you get it loaded onto your computer and all you see is that silly trash can in the corner.  You just want to make those unwanted objects go away. 

While I'm at it, here are a few other good reasons for using software that I know...

  • Make those colors pop a little or a lot.
  • Resizing Photos - to use online or in your special projects
  • Crop Photos - when you only need a portion of the image.
  • Blur backgrounds allowing single items to become the center of attention.
  • Try your hand at a little trick called Color Splash

You may even try those nifty photo editing options online too. They are fun and you don't have to have the software on your computer.

I've played around with the one offered in Photobucket. And you can come up with some cute and fun options for sharing with friends and family.  Photobucket is an excellent choice if you are looking for a place to store your photos as well as do some photo editing while you're at it.

All of the basics are there with some cool artistic effects as well. They'are easy to do and you don't have to know a lot about photo editing to be successful.

There really are lots of online options to choose from.  Today I found Pixlr.  I edited a few pictures and was pleased.  Once you finish you can save the image to your computer.

Choose The Best Photo Software
To Fit Your Skill Level, Needs And Budget

nature scene cleaned up with cloning toolClean Your Photos With Editing Software

I don't know about you but I found editing online just a tad bit too limited. I wasn't able to accomplish what I wanted. I couldn't find a way to take out those unwanted items we talked about earlier.

Then I discovered Gimp Photo Editor. Gimp is free editing software. Now you can't get a better price than that anywhere.

I used the cloning tool in this software to completely erase that nasty trash container in this picture. 

In my experience I have found that GIMP is by far the best free photo editor out there. I've played around with many, and I have found none to compare. It is the software that claims to be as good as those other guys.

bubbly abstract digital art daisyBubbly Abstract Digital Art Daisy

Speaking of the other guys, Photoshop may be one of the most popular editing software programs on the market.   I used the trial version once and made some like these black eyed susan's all bubbly and fun.

This software program is fun to play with. My favorite section is the "artistic" option of any of the photo editing software. That's what I used to create this bubbling image of Black-eyed Susan flowers.

As a matter of fact, I liked this creation so much I used it for multiple products in my Flowers 4 You Gift Store Click on the Flower Collection Category to see them all.

Look around and see what you can come up with. Each product in the store can be customized. That means you can have fun:

  • Adding your own text or
  • Adding your own images

I'm here to tell you, though, 30 days is just not enough time to really try all of the nifty options offered in PhotoShop. So I was really excited to learn about Online PhotoShop. Once you get into the editor, from what I've been able to see it looks very much like the software you purchase.

There are limits to what you can accomplish in this online version. As soon as I get a chance to check it out, I'll write a review page for you. In the mean time, check it out and be sure and let me know what you find.

Before we move on, lets cover just a couple more editing software choices.

Protraight Professional is great software if you deal mostly with people. They offer a trial version and boy does that come in handy when you want to create a professional looking profile picture.

Serif Photo Plus is the final software I want to bring up today. They have free downloads you can try out. I used this software for a long time before I switched to GIMP.

One more quick thing about GIMP. I don't want this article to be all about one photo editing software. But as I mention Serif I thought to myself, "why did I switch?" The answer to that question is I bought a Mac computer.

Although many software companies are including Mac in their options, now. This is not always the case. GIMP, I am glad to say, is compatible with PC and MAC.

Let's look at one final item in favor of using more detailed photo editing software...

Using Layers Is Just One More Cool Option With
The Right Photo Editing Software

One day I read an article about something called "layers" in a photography magazine. The article was actually written for PhotoShop users.

But I was able to find my way around in GIMP to learn the basics of layers. The article promised that once you learn layers you will master the art of digital photography.

Well I don't know how much of a master I am. But I do know that using layers opened a whole new playground to dance in. I spent the next year mastering the art of layers. Today I don't know what I would do without them.

Nature Scene Sample Of Using LayersNature Scene Sample Of Using Photo Editing With Layers

I know that it can be a little scary jumping into a new photo editing software. But it's really worth it when you realize all of the cool things you can do with a simple tool like this.

Using the foreground selection tool in GIMP I took two pictures and combined them into one. The rooster down in the lower left corner of this photo came from another photo taken in my daughter's chicken yard.

Collage Maker Software

Collage Maker creativity gone wildCollage Maker Takes Creativity Up A Notch

Speaking of using more than one image to create another. I'm sure you've seen prints where multiple photos are combined to make one picture.

Here is one more online tool that can save you time and make creating collages fun and easy. I did a google search and frankly went to the first Collage Maker listed. A few minutes later I had this collage saved to my computer. It's well worth checking out.

Learn Your Photo Editing Software The Easiest Way Possible

Owning your own photo editing software has it's advantages. Please come back soon and we'll see how you can accomplish some cool editing effects like:

  • ...Color Splash
  • ...Photo Effects
  • ...Photo Resizing
  • ...Photo Retouching
  • ...Image Map
  • ...Using Printscreen to capture images online and off

Do yourself a favor and get your copy of the latest "GIMP" Download. While you're there be sure and check out their online tutorials. A short visit to youtube can be a treasure chest of gimp tutorials. All of this without touching your wallet. Now how cool is that?

One more quick note before closing. You might want to checkout these Photoshop Classes

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