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Go from photo to art with any of your favorite photographs.  There are many photo editing software products available that make creating art from your favorite nature shot as easy as a click of the mouse.  

And most of them include special effects that will turn that photo into a water color, chalk and charcoal, pencil sketch or even an abstract art.

But the easiest photo editing software in the world cannot take the place of the photographer's eye.  Art begins with the heart of the person behind the lens.  Your love of nature or any subject is going to come through in the end.

This section of Creations by Sally will take you on a journey of the heart.  As you browse through the many photo to art examples and pages perhaps you will find one that inspires you to let your inner artist free.  

You can expect to find posters and reprints for sale as well as examples you may freely download.  Many of the offerings here make fantastic gifts for yourself or another.

You will also find tips and articles that will give you ideas for your own photo art ideas.  Let your imagination carry you away on the trip of a lifetime or two.

Learn Photo To Art Techniques From The Experts

Digital photography isn't always as easy as it looks.  Everyone has a digital camera these days.  As a matter of fact you have to go to a specialty shop now to even find film cameras.

The freedom of not having to buy and carry film can hinder your art of photography.  Take better digital pictures by following a few simple steps.  

This digital photography article on ideal placement of background objects can get you started in the right direction.  My friend, Amy Renfrey, wrote the article just for my readers.  Click the image to read for yourself.

In today's digital world the term black and white photography takes on a whole new meaning.  You are no longer limited to creating either color or black and white.

Now have fun with taking a color photo and turn it into black and white from your home computer.  Or get really wild and put one special flower in a black and white photo.

This effect is so popular you may have seen it used in commercials.  The colored object in your photo stands out and looks almost like a 3D pictures.  So is it color or is it black and white, well maybe a little bit of both.

Almost every digital camera includes a macro setting.  This setting is generally indicated by a little flower icon on your camera.  Macro digital photography can be another way of focusing on a particular subject.

Digital cameras are so smart today.  They will automatically give details of the flower or any close up subject while putting everything else just slightly out of focus.  

Take care though when using the macro setting.  It is very easy to capture the details of the flower in the background when you were really trying to focus in on the one in front.  Although this can sometimes be a cool effect, it may not be what you were aiming for.

Photo to Art Unique Gift Ideas

Creating unique photo gifts for friends, family or even yourself can be fun and easy.  But if you like, why not check out some of the unique gifts I've put together using photographs.  

I used some digital are and the winter wonderland of the season to create this greeting card.  Click on it and you will be taken to my store.  

There you can upload your own creations or use one of mine to create the most personalized gift possible.

Another fantastic idea is to have your favorite photo printed on canvas.  This praying mantis is now digital art that I created from a photograph.

Did you know that legend has it the praying mantis will bring you good luck.  Why not set this guy up where you can enjoy him all day?  This print is available in multiple sizes.  

Photo Artists Strut Your Stuff

Are you an artist, photographer, photo artist or even digital artist looking for a way to draw traffic to your work? Tell the world about your work and yourself. Create a profile that works.

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