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Exploring Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

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With a name like Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore your imagination may easily wonder into shades of beauty that will take your breath away.  And that is exactly what this national park will do for you if you ever have an opportunity to explore even one of it's 40 miles of lakeshore.

Come with us as we walk along a few of the one hundred miles of trails that wind through this northern hardwood forest.  The walk alone sent chills of delight up my spine.

I love playing with words and finding ways to pull you into my experience.  But you know as well as I do that words are just shy of the thrill a picture will bring. 

My early days in this awesome state were before internet had become the place to see and feel and share your dreams.

That's why I am so excited today to be able to share with you in both words and pictures our adventures in traveling through a few gems of Northern Michigan.  

Visiting Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

The drive into Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Park is a treat all by itself.  Your welcome sign is nestled in part of the hardwood forest that this park is located in.  

The drive into thel park is paved and very smooth.  I do love visiting state and national parks.  They offer so much for your entertainment.  

Each park has something special to enhance your already heightened senses brought on by the beauty of nature that surrounds you.  Even hurried trips with quick stops have the ability to take your breath away.

Pictured Rocks As Seen From Upper Level Overlook

Our first stop was the overlook that reveals an awesome view of Miner's Castle.  As you can see those beautiful sandstone cliffs are where this park get's it's name.

This overlook is the upper level and we are standing above those cliffs.  There are more directly below us.  And everywhere you turn on this platform gives you a wide view of Lake Superior.

Pictured Rocks sandstone cliffs rise up to 200 feet above Lake Superior.  

We are standing on the upper level overlook enjoying the beautiful crystal blue water of the lake below.  Miners Castle that you can see there in the distance is 75 feet above the lake.  

We'll walk down that way as we continue our tour.

I zoomed in to get this picture of the cliffs a little closer.  It reminded me of a little story we heard the night before when we were still planning our morning adventure.

We camped in Munising, MI campground just outside the city limits.  While exploring the grounds of this awesome campsite located on the shores of Lake Superior, one of our fellow campers enjoyed sharing her family adventures with us.  

They chose the Kyaking tour of Pictured Rocks.  They were lead on a grand tour as well as going through sea caves.  This is on our wish list for our next  Northern Michigan adventure.

You might also choose to enjoy Pictured Rocks by taking a boat tour on Lake Superior.  The best view some believe to be by boat tours which are available from late spring through fall.

Walking the trails  that lead to multiple levels of overlooks is the option we chose for this visit.  

Here is a view of the sandstone cliffs facing away from the sun.  This view is from the opposite side of one amazing overlook.  

Soon we would find this is just one tiny view of an amazing national park.

A walk through the hardwood forest of Northern MIA walk through hardwood forest of Munising, MI

Breathtaking does not do this park justice.  You will find joys to meet your eyes around every corner.

If you love taking pictures, like I do, you'll soon find yourself with a full camera.  So be sure and take lots of extra discs or film or whatever it takes to give yourself freedom to capture your memories.

As we made our way down to the lower level to explore Miner's Castle a little closer we were met with amazing rock formations.  There was even a little squirrel dancing around on those rocks.

I dare you to walk these paths without stopping to take pictures of Lake Superior.  I bet you would not be able to do it.

We were so lucky to have a beautiful sunny day to visit the park.  I don't believe I could have dreamed up a better vacation.

Lori, our little chichuachua, enjoyed her visit too.  She got to ride like a queen in her little pouch that hangs from my shoulders on my chest.  So she got to see and enjoy without touching the ground. 

When you plan your vacation, be sure and see the restrictions for pets.  We were able to take Lori everywhere but mostly because she was small and never touched the ground.  Some areas of many of the parks do not allow pets.  Those that do are strict about leashing them.  

This final photo is of Miner's Castle which was named by Englishman Alexander Henry's employees when they were exploring the area for minerals in 1771 (information taken from  signs in the park).

In this picture you can see a flat area of the rock formation very clearly.  Up until 2006 there were two pillars of rock.  It was at that time that one of those pillars fell into Lake Superior.

Walking on these rocks is like walking on a little piece of heaven.  I lived in southern Michigan for nearly a year.  

During that time I heard many friends and co-workers talk about "going up north".  This summer was the first time I've actually enjoyed the beauty that I missed back then.

It was a great lesson in overcoming our aversions to anything.  I never really felt pulled to travel "North", because to me anything north meant cold.

I discovered during this summer of 2015 that this awesome northern part of the state of Michigan is something you really don't want to miss.  Pictured Rocks National Shoreline is just one of the many adventures you can enjoy there.  Be sure and plan your vacation so that you can get the most our of your visit.

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