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Pictures of Deer To Surprise And Delight

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Opportunities to take pictures of deer can be surprising and delightful.  When I first began publishing my life adventures I didn't realize they would take on a life of their own.

This has been the case with many of my pages.  And that includes this topic of deer who cross our paths often in very surprising ways.

It is easy to capture them at state parks like Canaan Valley.  I recently received pictures from my sister that her daughter took while on vacation at this beautiful resort.  

Shortly after that my sister and I did our own little visit there.  If you love friendly deer, this is definitely the place for you!

Canaan Valley is a very popular ski resort.  People travel from all over to ski here.  The rolling hills of WV are too awesome to pass by. But since I don't ski, I had never been there.  

After I seeing the pictures that my niece shared, I knew I had to go.  I've always wondered what it would be like to be that close to one of God's awesome wild creatures.  

Since these deer seem to know that Canaan Valley is safe during the beginning of hunting season; they often take a short vacation there too.

Driving along the park roads it is not uncommon to see people out enjoying the company of deer.   We pulled onto the edge of the road to park and get a closer look at these beautiful creatures.  

Pictures of Deer For Your Enjoyment

One of the young females looked up from grazing to watch our approach.  What a wonderful opportunity to get close up pictures of deer.

My sister used to hunt deer but this close up experience for just the joy of seeing how friendly they can be was a first for her too.

It did seem as if there were quite a few deer on this day of our visit.  We also encountered others who were there to enjoy these lovely animals as well.

Have you ever visited a park and felt as if you were being watched?  Well this guy on the right may just have been that watching eye.

From our vantage point we could see this curious deer looking to see who else is coming along.  They show absolutely no fear of humans.  

Do you suppose they know there is a no hunting policy at the park?

Now this is what I call up close and personal.  I'm not sure what this guy was looking for.  Maybe he was looking for a kiss.

This picture was contributed by my sister and I suspect she had her camera set to cartoon effect that day.   Take a look at the bigger picture and see if you don't agree.  

You may right click the thumbnail and choose to view in new tab right on your screen.  Or you can download and keep on your computer.

Download Deer Pictures To Your Computer

In this row you see two pictures of deer walking in a field.  One is approaching to see what we have to offer.  Many people feed them although this is discouraged by park officials.  Feeding wild animals in any setting can have bad side effects.

And last in the row is a deer quite comfortably grazing in this carpet of lovely green grass.  I had so much fun this day.  I've never been this close to deer at any time.

Let's Have A Little Deer Interaction

As I said above it is against park policy to feed the deer.  You can be asked to leave if you are caught feeding them.  In this first picture it looks like this hand is breaking the rules.  But he isn't.  You see the deer is licking his hand.  Apparently they like the salt.  Maybe that is why they like us humans so much.

This last picture  was taken by my niece or her husband.  This picture was one of the ones that got my interest in visiting the park a month later.  

Be sure and come back soon.  This page is in the process of being updated.  I've got a video to share next.  Although I love visiting Canaan Valley, it isn't the only place you might happen onto a deer or even two... See you soon...

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