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These Amazing Pictures of Nature Are Pleasing to Any Eye

Don't let these pictures of nature pass you by.  Explore deer in the park or turtles on your wall.  You are sure to find a favorite even if you have to follow the rabbit down his hole.

These nature images are free or mostly free for your personal enjoyment and information.  You might even find a photo or two that would work with your own web site.  

Feel free to download these pictures of nature and adjust them to suit.  All I ask is that you link back to

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Are you ready to explore?  Come travel along as we walk in the park.  You are sure to find a picture that will become your favorite.

Kids especially like the little critters they find in nature.  I have included a couple of cool pictures you can directly access and download from this page.  Do you like spiders and snakes?  I remember as a kid I hated them.  But now I find my grandchildren love them boys and girls alike.

Pictures of Nature Tour Begins With,
Praying Mantis Home School Science Project

This first picture is a baby praying mantis held on the hand of my granddaughter.  This little guy was born in their home as a school class project.

They are home schooled and I love watching them come up with unique science projects like this.  One of the joys of home schooling your children is you get to pick the science projects.  My grandchildren had a ball raising these little creatures from egg to release into the wild.  

My daughter said to me, as she related their story, "I was not quite prepared for the number of these insects that actually hatched and survived.  I guess it is natures way of surviving in the wild, huh?  Out of millions of babies only a few hundred made it through."

I'm just thinking to myself, "I wish school had been this much fun when I was a kid."

Horses Returning To Their Old Feeding Ground

During a past life I lived in the beautiful flat lands of Kansas.  We had recently bought a house on three acres.

This same daughter and grandchildren were visiting with us over the summer.  The sun was bright when the kids came out to join me in the kitchen while I enjoyed my morning coffee.

My daughter says to me, "I had the strangest dream last night.  I heard horses galloping through the yard."

We both chuckled as we walked out on the back porch.  Imagine our surprise when we looked out in the field to find six horses quietly grazing.  

This guy decided to come up to the fence to check out his new neighbors.  After a little detective work this mystery was solved by lunch time.

It seems our neighbor used to graze his horses in this field when the former owners lived there.  So one morning the horses decided it was time to go pasture in their old stomping grounds.

The kids had a blast seeing their first ever live and up close horses.  I had a blast taking pictures.

Zoos are another good place to capture animal pictures:

This black bear appears to be quite happy playing on his man-made tower of logs at the zoo.  Most zoos in the United States are open and much more friendly for animals.

I love visiting the local zoo no matter where I go.  It is a great place where you  have an opportunity to observe and learn about some animals you may never see in a lifetime.

If you enjoy animals as much as I do, be sure and check out my newest collection of zoo pictures here...  The pictures taken on this page are from North Carolina's zoo.  They have an excellent black bear exhibit as well.

Bison Rescue Project

Although I titled this picture as a buffalo, the real term for these animals is Bison.  This particular one is an American Bison.  

He is part of a herd that resides at Fermilab.  

In 1850 it was estimated that 20-50 million of these animal roamed free in North America.  By 1889 there were about 550 left, bringing them to near extinction.

In an effort to aid in the restoration of this great animal Fermilab has a herd in Illinois.  You can read more about Fermilab's Buffalo Herd here...  I, for one, am glad for projects like these.  They provide perfect opportunities to take pictures of nature.

 Pictures of Nature Include A Garden Spider

Before settling in North Carolina, I lived in a small town called Warrenville, IL.  It's located in the suburbs of Chicago.

My friend and I were out walking along the lake near our home.  We came upon some boys playing with their treasures.  They had one proud posession they were really excited about.  

When they learned that I take pictures of nature for my own website they couldn't wait for me to see this spider.  I got a couple of pictures while it was in the jar.  But the kids decided to let it out so I could get a better shot.  

Here is one for you to enjoy now. Be sure and watch for the rest in the near future.  

Thanks boys for sharing with me.  I am so sorry that I didn't even get your names.  

I found an article about this "garden spider" in Wikipedia you might enjoy.

Snake With Eyes On Man Fishing Downstream

Snake in River watching fishermanRiver Snake Hunting Fish In Naperville Park

It was a sunny afternoon as we walked along the river in Naperville, IL.  It is common to see guys fishing from the sidewalk or wall that follows.  Some have said they've caught decent size fish here.  The water is so low you can see them swimming.  

But the sight of a snake with his head resting on top of the river is not something you see every day.  This guy looks like he might be waiting for his own catch of the day.

Here is a time when I am so thankful for my soft focus walking.  I often catch pictures that I would have missed otherwise. This snake is one of my favorites.

All of the pictures of nature on this page can be downloaded quickly and easily with a right click of your mouse.  Choose "Save Image as..." from the drop down menu.  Please note that your options may very somewhat depending on your computer and what browser you use.  

The most important thing to remember when you download any image is the location you chose to place it on your computer.  I've had many friends say to me, "I know I saved it, I just don't know where it went..."  So when saving your favorite image, make note of what location is in the "save in" box. 

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