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Pictures of Rabbits That Tell a Story

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Come let these pictures of rabbits tell you their hoppy little tale.  Each photo is sure to bring a smile to your face.  Don't miss your chance to dance along the trail with my cute little rabbit friends.

These darling little furry creatures capture that heart of many. Well maybe not the gardner. They have been known to nibble on your lettuce.

Let's begin our story with this rabbit looking through the grass.  This tiny bunny thought he was safe behind the tall grass.  My camera caught him watching me.

In picture number two the sunlight shines down on this rabbit in the woods as he is preparing to hop away.  He is watching me to make sure I don't get too close.

Pictures of Rabbits to Share And Enjoy

These pictures are so fun to take.  While on my way to the dog park I noticed a movement in the yard beside me.  On closer look I realized it was a tiny little rabbit.  I bent quickly down and zoomed to capture him through the blades of grass that formed a perfect shape around his eyes.

Next we have our floppy eared Christmas bunny posing just for this pictures of rabbits article.  Just makes you want to sing a carol doesn't he.

And finally our little friend stretches his back.  Is he reaching for the the rays of sun on this chilly fall day?  Maybe.  I don't read rabbit minds yet.  But it certainly looks like he does.

Little Rabbit Watching Us Pass

Oops, who is that looking at me with the big black face?  Perky ears he sees me watching him.  Mr. rabbit is doing a little dance for the camera.  When I first spotted him next to a rock on our walk, I got a quick shot.

Maybe if I turn my back she'll go away.  I just want to enjoy my afternoon alone.  Is that too much to ask.  Then he turned his back to me ready to hop away as quickly as possible.  I really think he was more afraid of my dog, Oscar than anything.  And believe me, Oscar was really wanting to chase the rabbit.  Thank goodness he has never caught one.

Oh no!  She sees me sneaking a peek.  Now what am I going to do?  Sometimes it seems the rabbits even enjoy the chase.  Notice how this little guy looks over his shoulder.

Pictures of Rabbits Wondering if It's Safe

Finally his curiosity just could not be contained any longer. This final picture shows his curiosity as he sniffs the air.  Now this is the kind of picture that makes you love a bunny.

These last two pictures of rabbits were taken from the roadside.  This rabbit has a beautiful light brown coloring.  He looks a little like he is brown and white.  In the next to last picture he approaches a tree in the yard.

Then in the last picture he notices us and is sure he'd best hop away.  I snapped the picture quickly and we left him to his journey.

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You may be looking for the perfect image to add to a personal greeting card.  Perhaps you have in mind a school report on the mighty oak tree growing from  tiny acorns.  Any one of the pictures in this group would work great for that.

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Perhaps you have an awesome adventure story that no body else could have. There are lot's of spider and snake, bears or rabbit stories out there. Share yours today!

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