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Pictures of Roses
A Collection of Beauty And Color

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When you see pictures of roses what do you think of? Do you imagine walks in the park with your favorite person at your side? Perhaps you are wanting to send a special message to someone you love.

A quiet walk in an English rose garden can be most enchanting.  You find yourself floating away on the lovely soft fragrance of each rose.  One more beautiful than before.  

Picture yourself floating down a path covered with a carpet of beautiful red rose petals.  Let your fantasy carry you away as you walk through my garden of rose pictures picked just for you.

Some of the images on this page open in a gallery for you to enjoy and use now if you like.  Others will take you to a collection on another page.  Either way you go, you are sure to find wide variety.

You will find some posters and prints for sale along the way.  If you find one that will work perfectly on your wall, I hope you will purchase them.

If you find a rose picture that would enhance your own website, please feel free to post it there.  Please follow my easy download instructions at the bottom of each page of

Easy Access to Pictures of Roses Galleries

First in this row will take you to a collection of rosebud images.  This first sample is a cute pink rose with two buds waiting their turn.

Next are red roses.  They are probably the most commonly given as a sign of love.  Red roses carry with them a history of romance.  This color is really popular around valentines day. 

The Rose of Sharon, though not really a rose, fits here by name alone.  Though none of our rose pictures have thorns, this can truly be called a rose without thorns.  This flower got it's name from biblical times.  Call it what you will the it is beautiful to look at.

Some pictures of white roses deserve a little showcasing.  This one might just have you thinking of white lace and promises.  Well maybe.  White roses are like little pillows floating in your garden.  The rosebud nestled with this rose kind of reminds me of angel wings wrapped around us.

Are you an artist at heart? If you're interested in turning your rose photos or the pictures of roses on this page into drawings, I suggest visiting  Drawing Coach (opens in new window) for an easy to understand rose drawing guide and free video lesson!

Enjoying Garden Art Perspectives

Walking has been an adventure most of my life.  And taking pictures of some of those really special views have come to be a boost to my creativity.

I've included a page dedicated to our imagination blooming in gardens around the world or just up the street...

Pictures of Roses Ready To Download

For those of you who can't wait I've included a small sampling of pictures of roses you can enjoy right now.  All you have to do is click on any one of these images and a gallery viewer will open right on this page.

Once inside you can choose to play the images as a slide show, use the left or right arrow to scroll through manually.  

Each one has a box in the upper right corner to view the larger size.  You can save any image you like to your computer by right clicking and choose the option you need.

pink wild rose pictureSingle Petal Pink Wild Rose

This final image is a single petal pink rose.  It pretty much speaks for itself.

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How To Use Pictures From Creations By Sally

Benefits Include:

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  • Websites - Place the images on your own personal website. All I ask is that you give Creations by Sally, credit for the source.
  • Slideshow - Each album gives you the option to "View Slideshow". Simply open an album and choose the slideshow option and site back to enjoy each image in that album.

Creations By Sally; is a growing community. While most pictures you find throughout the site are free to download; (click for step by step instructions). You can copy the code below and paste it into your website below the pictures you use.

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Now It's Your Turn to Share Your Love of Roses With The World

Roses are a favorite of everyone.  Whether you love to grow them, pick them for your indoor pleasure or take pictures to share with friends and family, I bet you have a story to tell.  And I would love to hear it.

Have A Great Story About Taking Pictures of Roses?

Are you a great lover of roses? Do you have a great rose story to tell? Did you find a secret for growing beautiful roses you would like to tell? Share it!

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