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Pink Sacred Water Lily

by Kenric

Pink Sacred Water Lily

Pink Sacred Water Lily

You have surely blessed my day! That link opened to a photo of the same flower I photographed near Narragansett, RI. I knew it was the same flower when I saw that there was a hard brownish looking growth that almost resembles a shower head in the foreground. When the flowers fall off, the "shower head" on a stem is what remains. Thank you so very much.

And per your request, I grant you permission to use the photo of my discovery of "Nelumbo nucifera" AKA "Sacred Water Lily" on your website. It was discovered in August, while my wife and I were vacationing in Rhode Island. Much of my time while on vacation is spent looking for natural images to photograph.

That particular morning, was proving to be a total washout, nothing was catching my eye; when at last I passed the little grotto where the lilies were growing. I shot dozens of angles, but I was concerned because it was near noon, and the worst time of the day to take pictures is when the sun is high.
Red sacred water lily

So, you guessed it; the next morning, I got up early and drove about 15 miles to return to the site of the "Sacred Water Lilies", which for me, capturing that photo came close to being a sacred event, So, by all means, please use the photograph. In fact, I am attaching another lily from the same site, feel free to use either or both.

You have been a great help and blessing.

Peace, Ken

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