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Poppies Greeting Card

by Tracey

Poppy Flower Greeting Card

Poppy Flower Greeting Card

This red poppy flower greeting card was created using an image right from this site. Tracey and Paul emailed me with a request for a picture of poppies. I had a few not yet published so I created a page of poppies to choose from.

The result is this beautiful handmade greeting card creation from Sunrise Cards. Tracey and Paul live in the UK and are doing quite well now with their business. As you can see nature and flower pictures make wonderful greeting cards.

Personalized greeting cards are such a pleasure to receive and to create. I remember the best Christmas card I ever received was hand made. There is just so much more feeling put into the making of these cards.

This is the second image that Tracey has requested to use on one of her cards. Check out her special request Christmas Card on the Lily Varieties page. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

The greeting cards created by Tracey and Paul are lovingly crafted by hand. And they do special requests!

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