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Remarkable And Memorable Butterfly Visit

by Ann Driscoll
(Medford, MA)

Red Spotted Butterfly

Red Spotted Butterfly

I also did not capture a picture,I was just caught up in the moment wondering why this particular butterfly came to me? My daughter had a doctors appointment. We parked the car and started walking in the parking lot.

Suddenly this gorgeous black and blue butterfly landed right in front of my feet on the ground. I bent down to get a better look at it figuring oh its probably going to fly away.

But it did not so I approach it and I started to stroke its wing, to my surprise it spread its wings and I was in awe as it just let me keep on stroking it.

We left to go in to the doctor's building. We were in there for over an hour. As we approached the parking lot the butterfly returned, flew to my feet and again let me stroke it.

I know that this is going to sound strange but I did not want to leave. I wanted to keep stroking this beautiful butterfly.

My daughter was fascinated. She asked, "Why did this butterfly come back mommy? Why did it come back to land at your feet and let you stroke it?"

I did not want to leave while such a rare moment like this was happening. The butterfly would not fly away so it let me take it by the wings, and I let it go.

I too wonder why it just let me keeping stroking it?

Note from Sally:

Thank you Ann for this fascinating story. It is similar to the time my brother had a blue and black butterfly land on his finger. He was able to walk all around his car.

I actually had time to run from inside the house and bring my camera. The butterfly that landed on my brother was red spotted.

I love hearing stories about butterfly landings but no one really knows why they do this. All the meanings behind them are human thoughts. It would be nice if we could communicate with all of nature with our mind, wouldn't it?

Thank you again,


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