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Reptiles Album Presents -
Frogs, A Turtle, A Snake, And Lizards Too

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That's not all you'll find in this reptiles album, though.  I've even got a picture of a baby dinosaur for you to enjoy.  Okay, it's a replica, but it's still fun to look at.  The kids loved it.  These are pictures you haven't seen yet...

Since I'm migrating over to this easier to use format, I decided to upload a whole new set of images.  Hope you enjoy them.  Navigation is the same.  Open the viewing gallery by clicking on any thumbnail you like.  Click the left or right arrows to move back and forth between the reptiles album photos. 

You can even watch reptiles album as a video by clicking the arrow to the far left of the screen.  

You say you want to download one or two or all of them?  Easy!!  Simply right click on the thumbnail at the bottom.  Follow the drop down menu to save your image the best way for you.

Have fun!  When you've finished exploring, click the word close on the right side of the gallery window.  

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Viewing a live snake behind glass is not near as frightening as meeting up with them in person.  This guy is tiny but he is definitely poisonous.

As his name indicates he is native to North Carolina.   Also like his name indicates he is this state's smallest venomous snakes.  

Though these snakes are protected by law, their numbers are decreasing because of climate changes...

If you're ever in Asheboro, NC, I highly recommend you stop by the North Carolina Zoo.

There is an aquarium in there that is just plane fabulous.  That is where I got this picture of blue neon poisonous frogs.

I've seen them before in the Museum of Natural Science too.  They are fascinating!  They don't even look real.  But , trust me, they are.  

Everybody loves to fantasize about dinosaurs.  If you are one of those who enjoys their history, you will love Raleigh's Museum of Natural Sciences.

That's where I took this picture of hatching dinosaur eggs.  There is even a T-Rex next to the egg display.

The facts are so exciting to learn when you can see life size examples right before your eyes.

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Here's two guys who seem to know just how to enjoy life.

When we visited the NC Zoo the Alligator display was a must see.  

At first it didn't seem there were any to be seen.  But as we walked along, they finally began showing up.

Did you know that Alligators require this time in the sun to store heat in their scales?

Our trek through the reptiles section of the zoo continued through the turtle section.

This little guy seemed quite content to share his beautiful shell with visitors.

Look but do not touch.  These turtles are protected out of curious hands just out of reach. 

This tiny gray lizard takes us back to Arches National Park in Utah.

I captured him sunning himself as we made our way up the slope to enjoy mother natures most spectacular rock formations.

I believe this guy is a member of the mottled desert lizards.

They love catching rays and sunning themselves in the desert sand.

The first time I ever saw one of these little green tree frogs was on my first visit to North Carolina.

After my daughter had lived here her first year, I grew to expect them.

They are quite interesting.  They seem to use the corners of these secluded spots to keep cool.

Here is another example of tree frog comes to visit.  He is nestled deep in the branches of a bonsai tree.  

The tree is almost leafless preparing for its winter nap. 

And the tree from looks like he might be shedding some skin preparing for his own seasonal update.

Arches National Park is located in the state of Utah.  This park has a paved road from bottom to top. 

Along the way you'll have access to pull out parking areas.  These areas have paths to the magnificent Arches.  

Along one of those paths I was able to capture this cool lizard at play.  He had a whole group of us pausing to watch and take pictures.

I hope you've enjoyed your trek through my reptiles album.  Each time we go traveling I take my camera along.  And each time I walk my eyes are always open for something new to share with you.

This album replaces the frogs, turtles and snakes album.  I've added new pictures but they are all reptiles in one form or another.  If you've enjoyed these pictures, be sure and check out the other devoted specifically to natures creatures large and small.  Links are at the bottom of this gallery.

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