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Learn how resizing photos can be the key to higher profits.  Image size matters when it comes to selling digital and fine art photography online. Here is an easy way to multiply your income from sales in online galleries.

If you resize your images to the largest size possible without distortion you will be able to increase your income significantly.

You have to do some marketing if you want to be really successful. But marketing your best product is key.

So lets talk about size for a minute. Size really does matter when you upload your images to online galleries. When enlarging your images you have to be careful and not go too large either.

Enlarging too much will increase print size.  But it could decrease quality of your image.

I have found that when you apply photo effects this problem is solved.  The image maintains it's quality and the style that you have digitally created as art.

Every image is different and not all will tolerate the same photo effects.  Some improve with multiple effects while others are perfect just the way they are.

 Example of Photo Art Enlarged and Enhanced

This Dames Rocket picture is of wild flowers growing in the forest area of Riverwalk in Naperville, IL. The natural low light on the tree lined path created a beautiful artistic effect.

This photo happens to be one that I lost the original of when my computer crashed recently. I had uploaded a smaller version of it into photobucket for sharing on my site.

The photograph was taken with my older Canon Camera. The original size I had to work with was 1024 x 768 pixels.

In the world of print selling online, this would amount to image sales in smaller print sizes.

Using a few artistic effects I was able to enlarge the photo much more. The actual final upload size was 4050 x 5400 pixels.

I was pleasantly surprised when the final print options came in as high as 36 x 48 in.

This is a screen shot slightly modified for appearance sake. Buyers can purchase this print from my gallery in sizes ranging from 8 x 10 up to 36 x 48.

Artist Rising recently added the option of Giclee fine art prints to their list of available prints. Artists, like myself, did not have to do anything to take advantage of this option.

They also added additional larger sizes again requiring nothing from the artist themselves.

Resizing Photos Is A Valuable Tool To Learn

If you visit my imagekind gallery, you'll see that we do learn as we go. When I first started selling online I was not aware of the importance of large digital files.

Early art uploaded to online gallery in smaller sizes.

I was a little disappointed to see that some of my images didn't quite make the grade. My most popular print The Blue Colored Rose was only available in 24 x 32 as the largest size.

The same was true for the bumble bee photo. And that dew covered rose on the end comes in only 12 x 16 as a fine art Giclee. All three images are available as a photographic print in three sizes.

Selling photography or any kind of art online is a learning process. This learning is also going on in galleries that host your photos. To increase your potential income it is best to upload the largest, best quality image possible.

There are three photo editing software programs I recommend.  Each of them have methods for resizing photos just the way you like them.

  • Photoshop - Adobe software available for both Windows Pc or Mac
  • GIMP - Free photo editing software comparable to PhotoShop also available for Windows PC or Mac
  • - Basic easy to learn photo editing software for Windows PC only. This program is easy to learn but lacks many of the options available in the other two programs.

Galleries are constantly adding new incentives to help their sellers provide a larger variety of choices and ways for their artists to make more money. Submitting the best quality digital file you can will allow you to increase your income with the same digital file. 

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