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Resurrection Lilies

by Susan

Resurrection Lilies

Resurrection Lilies

I have lilies in my garden that look similar to what you call the "Surprise Lilies." However, here in Indiana we call them "Resurrection Lilies" because they first sprout and bloom right after Easter. Then they sprout and bloom a second time in August. ~ Susan : )

I received this note from Susan in Indiana and so I looked up the term Resurrection Lilies. And sure enough they are the same as the Surprise Lilies on my site. Thank you Susan for bringing that to my attention.

Oh and by the way, did you know that they also call them Resurrection Lilies in Tennessee as well? One can see why these beautiful lilies would have two names. In the article I read from Tennessee it is the leaves that come up in early spring. Then die down and the blooms appear in late summer.

Because the leaves die down long enough to be forgotten by the busy gardener, they are surprised by the late blooming flower. And so the name "Surprise Lily". The one's I've seen in my neighborhood here in Northern Illinois don't appear till before late July, early August.

Thank you for sharing that pleasant surprise.

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Aug 28, 2009
Resurrection Lily
by: Anonymous

I have my grandma's plant and for a long time we called them "Naked Lady" or "No See Um" plants. Finally in a Birds & Bloom magazine I saw them called the Resurrection Lilly. As of today, August 28, the stems are about 10" tall. Also, in the spring all I see are the tall, thin leaves. So beautiful!

Aug 27, 2009
by: b

Very pretty picture. Too bad I've never seen those where I live!! : )

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