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Enjoying All The Scenes Nature Has to Offer

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I've divided my free photo gallery into sections of similar categories.  Emerse yourself in your favorite set of pictures.  You might think of this gallery as a living experience.  Each time you visit you will probably find something different.

Enter each album in Scenic Pictures Section by clicking the images in your favorite category.  Let's say you are looking for autumn flowers.  Pictures on this page are doorways to specific albums.  When you click any one of the image strips you will be taken to a full page of beautiful creations by sally.

Form there opening and downloading your favorite photographs is a snap.  All album pages throughout this photo gallery work the same.  Click on any thumbnail and you are set to view the generous 500 x 375 pixel images.

Each heading above the thumbnail strips below is the title of the page you will be entering.   You'll also find interesting notes about the flowers themselves under the images. I've tried not to clutter these pages with too many words because I know you are coming here for the pictures.  Enjoy Scenic Pictures Section!

Feel free to download these flower pictures for your personal use.  For complete download instructions click here.  Please read the  gallery terms of use here, for ways you may use all images on Creations by Sally.

Scenic Pictures Section Adventure Begins With Lake Scenes Album

There is just something that is calming about being around lake water, don't you think?  Perhaps this is why fishing is so popular.  I often hear men comment, "Fishing relaxes me."

Here is an interesting little fact.  See that last picture on the right?  It was taken at the Morton Arboretum.  The Morton Arboretum was formally established on December 14, 1922 by Mr. Joy Morton (1855-1934), owner of the Morton Salt Company. Its mission is to collect and study trees, shrubs, and other plants from around the world, to display them across naturally beautiful landscapes for people to study and enjoy, and to learn how to grow them in ways that enhance our environment.

It is there lakes that get's them honorable mention here.  You'll find several lake scenes throughout  

My son used to say he could spend all day at the lake.  You may not have all day at the lake, but you can take a few moments to enjoy these beautiful lake scenes frozen in time as part of my scenic pictures section collection just for you.

Ocean Scenes Album

This album will take you on an adventure riding waves in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  

We're just waiting for you to bring along your adventures at your favorite ocean. Or take a walk on the ocean floor during low tide.

What is your favorite thing about the ocean?

Los Rios Ranchos Album

Every visit to California seems to bring a new and better photo opportunity.  This visit was no exception.  We visited Los Rios Ranchos, one of visitors favorite working apple orchards.  Come enjoy some of their hidden treasures with me.

I have to share a secret though, I believe the most adventurous part of this visit was the drive up the mountain road to get to just one of many apple orchards.  I must say I would have preferred being the one driving.  None the less, the adventure was worth it.

I'm sure you will agree that Los Rios Ranchos makes an excellent addition to this scenic pictures section of our site.

Hills And Mountains Album

Nature is an exciting place of discovery.  And if I travel every inch of this big blue planet I would still not be able to take it all in.  Here are just a few hills and mountains photos for you to enjoy.  

Perhaps you have a story or photo you would like to share.  I know I love hearing them...

River Scenes Album

Rivers on this big blue planet come in all shapes and sizes.  If you grew up in an area that has deep flowing rivers, you may be surprised at the rivers you can often cross by foot.  No matter the size, river scenes are joyful to view.  

Don't take my word for it.  Slip into the River Scenes Album above and see for yourself.

Flood Scenes Album

As majestic as rivers can be, after a heavy rain is when they really show their power and force.  Our favorite Riverwalk becomes the perfect example of this force in this collection of photos.

I actually missed the early flooding stages because the small town of Naperville was blocked for a day or two.  Once open again we were able to adventure in closer and closer.  Enjoy these waters without boundaries.

Autumn Scenes Album

I don't think there is a more colorful season than autumn.  Brilliant reds, stunning yellows and even the rust colors bring delight to the eyes.  Check out these scenic colors for yourself.  

Sunset Cliffs A Walk On The Ocean Floor

Every time I had the chance to visit with my family in California I was sure to be met with a surprise.  If you are a Law of Attraction fan like I am you can relate to this.  I always arrived with an open mind and every time my daughter would surprise and delight me with a new adventure.  

This year I happened to visit during low tide of the ocean.  And so we made our way to Sunset Cliffs to take a walk on the Pacific Ocean floor and dance with the creatures who live there.  Hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did.  

Click the picture to see for yourself.

Traveling Adventures Create Scenic Pictures Ops

I've always loved the color and brilliance of autumn.  After those long summer days things begin to cool down just enough.

A couple cold nights and you can wake to a day of brilliant color around every corner that you walk.  So I thought a stop to visit this autumn trees album might bring you as much pleasure as I had taking the pictures.

During our camping trip to cities in the northern half of the states, our first stop was a little place called Hell.

You might enjoy these pictures and the adventure.  I had to find out why on earth there could even be a city called Hell.  I discovered there are more than one.  But I've only enjoyed the one in MI and their fun story.  Hope you do too.

And since we're talking about drive-by stops this little scene really caught my eye.  I was glad my wonderful husband was open to quick stops.

This trail reminded me of my favorite songs in high school.  Do you remember The Wreck of The Edmond Fitzgerald?  You're gonna love these images in our scenic pictures section.

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