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Spider Lily Blooming In Florida

by MaryLou

Peruvian Daffodil or Spider Lily

Peruvian Daffodil or Spider Lily

These unique flowers seem to flourish in this area. At least according to Mary who sent these photos in. Her question was, what type of lily is this?

For those of my readers who follow contributions you may remember an earlier question about this same lily. I put it to you all to see what type of lily this is.

You can read your comments and my response about this flower here...Leafless Spider Lily. It would seem the flower is from the hymenoeallis narcissfloma species.

Now that is according to some readers. And from what I could find this does appear to be true. But I am not convinced we have the same flowers yet.

In our first example we have short spider like pedals. And as you can see in the photos above the petals are rather long. The flower itself looks almost like that of a bindweed.

And most important are the abundance of leaves. They may both be Peruvian Lilies but a different type.

In what I've read they bloom in late summer. They grow well in pots or when temperatures are above 50.

This would explain why they grow so well in Florida as Marylou mentioned in her email to me. Another thing I noticed in an article on Peruvian Lily care is that spring is the best time to plant or transplant.

Article written by Sally, owner of Nature and flower

Thank you MaryLou for submitting your photos and questions.

We would love to here from readers who may have some first hand information.

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