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State Parks Can Be Places Near And Far 
Full of Family Fun Adventures to Share...

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Visiting state parks in almost every area of the US can be filled with exciting photo opportunities. Enjoy family gatherings and vacations that refresh and renew your spirit.  And most of all learn about the state you live in or one that you are just passing through.

If you're looking for a place to go that the whole family will enjoy, be sure and check out parks that your state provides.  Every state has something to offer.  And even the smallest of places can fill your day with fun.

This section is meant to be a place for you to share your family fun too.  So don't be shy.  Come share your family adventures.

Choose any state in the United States and you will find a large selection of parks and forest preserves to visit.  Many states base their main income on these tourist attractions.  Others provide hidden surprises for you to find and explore.

Parks and Forests are awesome places to visit and find creative photo opportunities. 

And it's fun to walk along paths spotting beautiful tiny wildflowers peeping out from under a bed of leaves where they've spent the winter.  Those brown leaves serve to enhance any flowers beautiful color.

Your walk continues into an open field.  All summer and even sometimes into fall you will be met with golden flowers bending in the wind.  Now that's an awesome picture to capture against bright blue sky and white fluffy clouds.

Are you ready to explore some with me?

Begin Your State Parks Adventure With
Pricketts Fort WV Album

Pricketts Fort is a park filled with fond memories for me.  When I was young our family made visits to this WV state park every summer.  And the tradition was handed down to my children and grandchildren.  This Album is full of family fun shared with my daughter and her daughter.

Take your time and enjoy this walk through collection of photos taken on our family fun travels.

Feel free to download any photo from this site for your personal use.  For complete  download instructions click here. Please read the terms of use here, for ways you may use all images from this site.  I also offer a commercial license for a small fee.  Contact me for details and to gain access to thousands of photos available in my private collection.

Cooper's Rock Album

My nephew returned from a walk along the paths at Cooper's Rock and excitedly said to his mom, "Why didn't you ever tell us about this!"  

It is a family vacation we've shared through generations in our family.  Come share a little piece of heaven with us.

Seneca Caverns WV Album

Family fun takes on a whole new meaning when you can share a part of history that goes back over 460 million years.  Come take a walk deep into Seneca Caverns with us as we travel ontop of limestone beds formed inside an inland sea.

Canaan Valley WV Album

Here is one of West Virginia's parks that has fun for the whole family no matter what season you like to celebrate.  Whether it's a day walk along the trails, camping  or skiiing.  You and your family can look for the best vacation ever.

Valley Falls WV Album

Whether you're looking for a short day trip picnic or a camping weekend you are sure to find it at Valley Falls.  And no matter how short your visit, you will be able to walk away with photos that will bring you years of fond memories.  In the mean time stop by and enjoy a few of ours.

Visiting State Parks Across The US

You might be thinking that I should have called this section WV State Parks.  But I have visited other parks across the US.  So you can count on this part of my site growing as time goes by.

Matthiessen IL State Park Album

Matthiessen State Park is located next to Starved Rock Park in Illinois.  If you are looking for a family adventure, I can't think of a better place.  The kids will love walking deep into the forest and crossing a real creek bed just like they did in the old west.

Well maybe not quite like they did in the old west.  I don't believe they have horses to ride.  But I do know that nature has put on a show you will never forget as you travel deep into the the forest.

For all you photo buffs be prepared for low light photo opportunities.  Even in mid day on a sunny afternoon, the sun has a hard time reaching through this forest's thick tree covered paths. 

Niagara Falls State Park

Niagara Falls is one of the most celebrated national parks in two countries.  And I must say it was the most fun I taking pictures for this Scenic Pictures Section of my free photo gallery.  

People travel their from all over the world.  Many weddings are celebrated there as well as honeymoons.

I had an opportunity to pass through the United States side of the falls.  Our adventure was a short one but I got loads of pictures for you to enjoy.

Even though we did no more than walk around the park as a quick drive-by, it was breathtaking.  It was my first time to visit and it only made me want to go back.

Next time I visit I just might venture onto the Maiden of The Falls tour.  If the falls are this breathtaking on the outside, can you imagine what they will be like up close and personal?  Good thing ponchos are provided!

Tahquamenon Falls Michigan

Our visit to Taquamenon Falls was a dream on our bucket list.  That trip began as a dream fulfilled by my new husband.  

We spent a couple of weeks touching on the last few states that my husband wanted to see.  It was fulfilling his life long dream of touching visiting all fifty states in the US

Hope you are enjoying the journey too...

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