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Sunflower Pictures
A Source Of Beauty And Food

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Sunflower pictures and the benefits you gain from these lovely flowers. Growing sunflowers for pictures, fun and good health. Can you name any other flower in nature that gives so much of itself?  Well maybe.  I know that lilies are also edible.

Sunflower As a Source of Food

Sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamins and minerals. And they have quite a good flavor. You can get quite a few seeds from a single sunflower.

They are usually ready for harvest in late summer. And the the birds love them too. So if you are a bird lover and want to attract or feed them be sure and plant a sunflower or two.

Each head consists of a disk of small, tubular flowers surrounded by a fringe of large yellow petals.  A sunflower head may measure more than 1 foot (30 centimeters) in diameter and produce up to 1,000 seeds.  T

he head turns and faces toward the sun throughout the day. This is where the sunflower gets its name.

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These sunflower pictures are a great indication that you don't have to have a lot of space to grow sunflowers. These flowers are growing in a very small space in front of our neighbors' condos.

Click on the link below the small picture to open a window on this page. When the larger picture pops up, you can download it to your computer. You can also right click the link and choose the download option.

This can be tricky though.

Many pictures have been lost on computers. A hint, the picture will download to the last folder you saved to. You can also do a search for the file name to locate your picture once it is on your computer.  Of course, you have to notice the image name to do that.  So simply make a mental note just in case.

A Little Sunflowr Trivia

Special oil seed varieties of sunflowers produce small black seeds that contain up to 50 percent oil. Sunflower seed oil accounts for about one eighth of all vegetable oils produced throughout the world. Sunflower seed oil is sometimes used as a replacement for diesel fuel.

History of The Sunflower

Sunflowers originated in North America and were introduced into Europe during the 1500's. Some species come up every year, but the most common ones must be grown annually from seeds.

Sunflowers are native to the Americas. They were domesticated around 1000 B.C. Franciso Pizarro found that the Inca tribes worshipped the sunflower as an image of their sun god.

Early in the 16th century gold images of the "flower" were taken back to Europe. They also took back seeds. The Greek word for "sunflower" is Helianthus. The information in this article was obtained from articles in Wikkipedia

Sunflower Pictures From Virginia Garden

These three sunflower pictures were contributed by Dodie who was living in Virginia at the time she grew these. She grows her own and harvests them for the family to enjoy. She is very proud of her garden as well she should be. Thank you Dodie for your lovely contribution.

Dodie is my very artistic younger sister.  They now live back in PA.  But that has not stopped the Sunflower growing.  She has them in front of there house.

A Walk In The Neighborhood Reveals One Very Healthy Sunflower Plant

One afternoon we were walking down the street in our neighborhood.  I was thrilled to capture this sunflower plant standing tall at the end of our neighbors yard.  I wondered if the birds loved it as much as I did taking pictures.

Sunflowers Along Highway In Northern North Dakota

As my husband and I traveled this summer on our cross country camping trip, we passed along the way fields of sunflowers.

My sister loves planting sunflowers so I took pictures of the fields as we drove along Highway 85 South heading into South Dakota.

These fields were just a few miles north of Bowman, which also got our attention.

When I got home I was sharing my pictures with my granddaughter.  When she saw the fields of sunflowers she remarked, "Are those the ones that this man planted for his wife who died from cancer?"

That was the first I had heard of anyone planting sunflowers as a tribute to their wife.  So I came home and looked it up.

As it turns out these are not the same fields of Sunflowers.  We missed those fields which were planted in Wisconsin.  

We did spend a night camping in WI but missed the tribute to Babbette.  I do feel their story is one that deserves mention here.

I am always looking for inspirational stories that show amazing love and creativity.  Babbette had a dream and this is her family's tribute to that dream.  

Seeds for Hope (read their story here...) is a family owned business providing high quality seeds, corn and wildlife blends to give hours of wildlife viewing pleasure 

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