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The Color Purple Is All Around Us

by Pastor Kap (Kenric A. Prescott)
(Hartford, CT)

The Color Purple Is All Around Us

The Color Purple Is All Around Us

In the book and movie "The Color Purple," the character, Shug Avery has a conversation with Celie in the midst of an overgrown field. And as Celie later writes to her sister living in Africa, she tells of how Shug Avery had said, "It pisses God off if a person walks past the color purple and does not marvel at it." (p.203)

With flowers whose color pallet covers the full and broad range of colors and shades of the rainbow, I agree with Shug, it must really disturb God when people pass by a purple, orange, green, blue, yellow, or red flower and have no sense of appreciation for God and how He has made each of us in His image.

Last year I discovered a cluster of Allium flowers in Hartford's Elizabeth Park, and was enthralled with the sheer beauty of the ball-shaped purple flower. But it wasn't until I went to the New York Botanical Garden on 6/7/09 that I did a close up of an Allium and was blessed to see that the purple colored ball is a compendium of hundreds of little purple flowers.

The scent is not one that you'd want converted into a perfume, because it smells like an onion. But that one baseball sized purple beauty is like looking at a bouquet of hundreds of individual purple flowers clustered together for your admiration and to remind you that God is...even in the color purple.

With these thoughts in mind, I encourage you to go out and search for some purple, and give whoever your God may be the praise that God so richly deserves!

Pastor Kap (Kenric A. Prescott)

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