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The Garden

by Martha Martin
(Fairmont, WV, US)

Welcome to my humble garden

Welcome to my humble garden

Long ago there was a man I knew.

Who had a garden where flowers grew
And the green grass was pretty and neat:
Just to see it was quite a treat.
There were flowers red and flowers blue:
Flowers of almost every hue.
And underneath a big shade tree
Was soft enough for any knee.
And in the midst of his garden rare
A bubbling fountain he put there.
With sparkling water running clear
It’s tinkling sound, a joy to hear.
A bench beneath another tree
Was sure a welcome sight to see.
Birds and pretty butterflies
Hovering seemed to soothe the eyes.
A painted fence he made of wood
Framed his yard just as it should.
For sure his garden might win a prize
Except, and I might emphasize
One thing destroyed his fine design.
It was a huge No Trespass Sign!

Mrs. Frank Martin

This poem was written by my mom, Martha Martin. Her poems and stories always carried with them a message that seemed to be timeless in nature. If you enjoy poetry and whimsical stories be sure and drop by Heart Knowings stories and poetry from "A Life Worth Living".


Sally (Martha's daughter)

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