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The Traveling Blogger - Traveling Safely with a Laptop!

by Kathy Barber

Many of us would be lost without our computers, which is why laptops and iPads are one of the best inventions since sliced bread. They are lightweight enough to pack with us anywhere we go, and powerful enough to replace the standard desktop computer.

This is especially important for anyone who travels a lot. Take for example someone who blogs for a living and their blog is all about their travels. Of course they would want to take their computer with them when traveling.

Recently, I enjoyed listening to a podcast from James and Arlene Martell's Affiliate Buzz. They had Jonathon and Carrie Kraft as their guests that day, who have been traveling around the world for the past 20 months. The Krafts have visited over 30 countries in that time, and continue to document their experiences on their blog.

They could not be doing that too easily, if they weren't able to pack their computers. Now, I am not sure if they use a traditional laptop, iPad, or both. But, they still need to practice good safety measures for themselves, as well as their equipment.

If you are planning on traveling, blogging, or both read on to learn what you can do to travel safely with your laptop.

Protect Yourself First

One bit of advice that Jonathon and Carrie offered is to trust your instinct. They shared a story of how they were walking down a street and just felt the sense to cross to the other side when they saw a large group of people up ahead. The group wasn't doing anything suspicious necessarily, but they acted on their hunch and crossed over.

Just after, a fight broke out in that crowd.

Another way to protect yourself is to not carry large amounts of cash with you, or wear expensive jewelry, or items that look expensive. And, do some research ahead of time to know what areas you should stay in, as well as avoid while there.

Finally, stick together.

Protect Your Equipment

The next thing you want to protect is your equipment or livelihood. There are a few things you can do to protect your laptop or iPad, such as the iPad Rotation Lock, which allows you to securely lock your iPad to a table or chair. This is great for when you are sitting in a coffee house and want to get a refill at the counter.

Also, when carrying your iPad or laptop in a case, make sure that case is secure and not damaged itself. If it is, then you risk the computer getting damaged as well. For example, if it has a tear in it and "catches" on something, it could rip even further exposing your computer to the elements or possibly falling out.

When flying by plane, carry it on with you in a bag that will fit under the seat in front of you for take-off and landing. This allows you to keep an eye on it at all times.

When walking around with it in a case, carry it between your ribs and your underarm, to deter thieves from snatching it off your shoulder.

Protect Your Work

Here I am going to talk about protecting your work, such as all the documents, written material, photos, and video that you have on your computer. We all work hard to gather all the information we use for our marketing and blogging, so we need to protect it as best we can.

Here are 4 good tips:

  1. Use an encrypted password for your computer, which will appear as a scrambled mess to someone who gets their hands on it.

  2. Memorize your passwords, so you don't have them listed in a file for thieves to view, or lose a paper that you might have written them down on.

  3. Make it a habit of deleting cookies, so a thief wouldn't be able to access your history and personal information by tracing it on the hard drive.

  4. Utilize an online computer backup program, such as Carbonite, which automatically stores every keystroke you make, as you make it. It is safely stored for you, in case you need to retrieve it.

Again, if you work hard at developing all your work, then you should make the effort to protect it. This is especially important if all of this work is a result of traveling around the world, gathering special moments and places, which would be difficult to ever duplicate.

Laptops and iPads, as well as various other technologies have made it very easy to travel and work at the same time. So much so, that Jonathon and Carrie Kraft have turned their travels into a wonderful opportunity and career. Just make sure you, your equipment, and your work are all protected from loss, theft, or accidental incident.

About the Author

Kathy Barber has recently been writing on topics such as home brewing, addiction, and securing our livelihood, including the iPad kiosk stand. As a freelance writer, some of her favorite subjects are family, medical, online business, and entertaining. When Kathy is not writing, she enjoys time with her husband and son. Living in Michigan, they often camp, boat, and attend sporting events.

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