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Things to Think About When Considering Above Ground Pool Deck Plans

by Greg
(Oklahoma City)

A backyard is one of the areas that many homeowners treasure. This is because it gives one a feeling of serenity and a place to relax after a long hard day at work.

If you are thinking of installing an above ground pool, one of the things you need to consider in your initial design is the deck plans. Here are some of the issues you need to consider when you are searching for above ground pool deck plans.

Is it actually above ground?

In an effort to make the above ground pool more appealing, designers use a number of techniques to achieve that alluring look. One of the ways in which they do this is by making a small depression on the site of the pool in order to give it an in ground appearance and feel.

Whenever you are choosing above pool deck plans, you might want to consider such an arrangement as it gives the pool a more refined appearance as compared to a contemporary above ground pool.

Hot Tub

It is also possible to add a hot tub in your above ground pool deck plans. Normally, a good provider will not have a problem including such a fixture in your plan.

Essentially, the hot tub can be fixed at the bottom, or under, the pool itself at other times.

However, depending on your above ground pool deck plans, this can also be installed above the pool itself. It is usually a flexible arrangement.

Avoid Using Wood

One thing you need to note is that wood is not the ideal material to use for the above deck pool. This is because wood is not resistant to harsh conditions such as tough weather, ants, corrosion
by the chemicals of the pool as well as the process of natural degradation of wood.

Therefore, always consider other alternatives and pick wood only if you feel that it is necessary.

If you have opted for wood, you might want to consider using composite wood material. This material has many advantages because it is resistant to the problems associated with using wood as discussed above.

Composite wood is made out of a number of several materials including plastic, recycled wood and rubber. However, it is cut and shaped exactly like wood. In fact, to an untrained eye, it looks just like wood.

The main problem with using composite wood for above ground pool deck plans is that it is slightly more expensive than other materials.

There are numerous alternatives for composite wood. For instance, there is the option of textured vinyl which costs much less than composite wood and works exactly the same way.

Install a Pump

Since these pools are erected on an elevated deck, you need to put into consideration the location where you will install the pump.
Normally, one of the places that many people place the pump is usually underneath the pool as there is a lot of space here.

Pool builders and designers also encourage the placement of the pump here for aesthetic purposes. It usually looks much better when placed underneath than on a place where everybody can see.

About the Author
Greg works with Blue Haven Pools in Oklahoma City. They provide some of the most superior swimming pools Oklahoma City has to offer. Plus, they help customers find the above ground pool and spa that will fit their yard and budget. For more helpful tips like this, visit their homepage.

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