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Thinking about my beautiful daughter

by Yara
(São Paulo, Brazil)

Monarch Butterfly on Wildflower in The Park

Monarch Butterfly on Wildflower in The Park

My daughter passed away two days ago. I was outside my sister-in-law's house, walking around the pool, thinking about my beautiful daughter and her young kids, when a monarch butterfly appeared from nowhere and landed on my wrist. It stayed there for a long while, then flew away.

I walked to the other side of the pool and the butterfly came after me, landed in exactly the same spot, and kept slowly flapping its wings.

When it flew away I walked back to where I was previously. The butterfly again came after me and landed on my shoulder. It flapped its wings a couple of times and went away.

Note from Sally:

Thank you Yara for sharing your lovely touching story. I've taken the liberty to add a picture of a Monarch Butterfly at the top of your story to share in your memories.

I send blessings and prayers in your time of such great sadness. Thank you again.

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