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Tiny Baby Butterfly Picks Me

by Sharon Prince

Black and red striped butterfly crosses my path

Black and red striped butterfly crosses my path

I was sitting in my back yard with a friend and she said, "There's a little butterfly on your leg". It was a little black and red one.

I reach down and it just hopped on my finger. It must of just sat there for four to five minutes.

My friend said, "Put it on me."

I tried but it just flew off her and came back to me landing on my dress. It then went back onto my finger.

I put my hand up for it to fly away. It flew around and landed on the floor next to my chair where I was sitting.

I would love to know what it means.

A Little More About My Story

Hi Sally, thank you for putting my lovely experience of the baby butterfly on your site.

I have just read your reply.

This last year as been very hard for myself and my husband. Last July my husband had to have an amputation below his knee. The amputation was due to neglect from our doctor.

Seven weeks ago he suffered a small stroke which had him totally down for six weeks. Then to add even more discomfort, this week we were informed they found ulcers under two of his toe nails.

These last few weeks I have felt so low and ground down.

I was hoping the butterfly was sent by my mum who passed away 22 years ago.

Am I being silly?

Thank you,

Sharon Price

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Jun 07, 2015
Prayers For Your Upliftment
by: Sally

Sharon, I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes life does seem to throw things at us in multiples.

I certainly do not feel you are being silly in taking comfort from you visitor.

The fact that you gained comfort and relief from this tiny butterfly is all the proof that you need to know that it came from a loving source.

Of course no one could say that it was indeed your Mum and be honest. Those matters are left to our hearts and souls.

Everyone believes in different ways. And I do not want to offend anyone. I believe that this baby butterfly came to you from a source of love.

I also believe that your Mum is now totally aware of her presence in the love that we all are.

And so in this sense the answer to your hope that this lovely creature was sent to you by your mother is more than possible.

The meaning that comes from any butterfly landing is the one that is true to your heart and feels best.

My best wishes for your husbands swift recovery and uplifted hearts to you both.

Thank you again for sharing,


Jun 04, 2015
Butterflies Are Mysterious Creatures
by: Sally

Thank you Sharon for sharing your beautiful story. I personally believe that when butterflies choose to cross our paths they are bringing comfort in one form or another.

They are beautiful creatures and they do seem to pick moments in our lives when our thoughts are most free.

It is as if they are a manifestation of the thoughts we are thinking. But then isn't that the way with all of our lives.

I've included a picture of a black and red butterfly that crossed our path while out on a nature walk. It isn't the best picture. But it looks similar to what you describe in your story to us.

I was on the other side of the path and had to zoom in to capture this little guy. Sometimes I am lucky enough to catch different types in more interesting places.

I invite our readers to share more stories and thoughts about how it feels to have butterflies visit us on their path of survival.

I know some would say that the attraction may have been your clothing. Myself, I think it was the energy.

Thank you, Sharon, again for sharing.



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