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Train station

by Patrick

Today I was standing at the train station in my usual spot reading the news paper in the peak hour. People were standing all around me. But I was in my own world, waiting for the train.

Imagine my surprise when out of nowhere a Monarch Butterfly landed on my thumb. I'm very certain it was a monarch butterfly or something very similar.

It was an amazing site to see, and gave me a warm feeling. It sat there for about 5 to 8 seconds, no longer. After this brief visit it flew away upwards.

This is when I looked up and noticed all the people looking at me and I realized what just happened. I looked around and saw that the train station was quite crowded.

There were people all around me as I leaned against the wall. I was feeling a bit shocked....

People were looking at me with gentle smiles and going bout their business. It was after that I realized what just happened.

I looked around and realized I was in the train station, in the CPD. There are no parks or trees or any green to be seen close by.

So this butterfly must have come on the train. Perhaps it flew in from somewhere. I felt awestruck thinking of the flight of this lone butterfly.

I pictured its flight from a strange and far off land to the middle of this platform and through all these people to land on me. For one brief moment it picked me to stop and say hi to and then fly up and away again.

I did not see the butterfly again and I tried looking around but could not see it. After this, going home on the train I jus felt very warm and cozy and somewhat happy to be where I am and where I'm heading in my life....

Maybe it was the butterfly who made me think and say thanks or maybe it was just me getting caught in the spiritual moment. For what ever reason this happened, I wanted to share with someone. I'm sure someone will read and be on the same path.

Thank you,


Note from Sally: Thank you Patrick for a lovely story. I've added a couple Monarch Butterfly pictures to enhance this article. If you would like to see more Monarch Butterflies click here...

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