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Tulip Pictures
The Forerunners of Spring Flowers

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Spring is the time of year for tulip pictures opportunities.  Everywhere you walk in the parks you are sure to see tulips growing.  These are some of my favorite flowers for sure.

I remember falling in love with these beautiful colorful flowers in high school. The wonder that a whole country could devote their lives to one type of flower was amazing to me.

I first came across them through our library encyclopedia. Back then you had to actually look things up in books. And the best place to do that was in the quiet of a library.

As a young teen I fell in love with the idea of Holland. I was so fascinated that I actually had a penpal from the Netherlands. We exchanged letters all through my last two years of high school.

I highly recommend the Pen Pal route of learning about another country.  The only way that could be more fun is to visit your favorite country personally.

Come Enjoy Our Tulip Pictures Gallery

But it was not the flower that had my attention this year. It was a  Pen Pal I met through the mail.

His home was Holland. And as a way to get to know his culture and have something to talk about, I began to explore his homeland.

And so for a little while in time, I imagined life Holland as I browsed through pictures and books at the school library.  

Exchanging letters and asking question served to bring this tiny country to life for me.  I think everyone should enjoy the experience of writing to someone they may never see in person.

I know I will always cherish the memory of that senior year experience in high school.

Now as I sit at my computer writing this article I realize there is a new kind of Pen Pal relationship today.  You might call say they have become text Pals.  

Now just about every one in the world seems to have access to either a cell phone or tablet or computer. It makes the world a much smaller place, don't you think?

Let's get back to our tulip pictures story.  This row of flower photos were taken at the River walk in Naperville.  You've read throughout my site that a lot of my images were taken there.

And spring was a favorite time of year to take that walk.  Around April, the park is full of tulips around every corner.  And they all seem to change year after year.  

Tulips are so easy to grow.  They even do well as forced bulbs in containers.  And it is such a thrill to put those little bulbs in the ground in fall and get beautiful colors right away first thing in spring.

Did you know that tulips originally came from Holland?  And they are that countries favorite flower to plant because they are so hardy and easy to care for? 

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