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Types of Lilies Range From 
Star Gazing to Voodoo!

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The types of lilies vary from place to place and interest to interest. Check out many types of lilies or share your own discoveries.

You will find different types of lilies in just about every country. I know they grow in just about every climate.

You may recall the unusual lilies I shared with you on my Lily Varieties or what about the different flowers that fall in the Lily Family? I was really surprised at some of the lilies included in the family.

There are lilies that fall in the exotic category like the tropical flowers known as Calla Lilies. These types of lilies are imports from warmer climates.

And what back yard pond would be complete without those beautiful lotus flowers? The water lilies album will turn your head. Some water lilies are even related to the hyacinth. I was surprised when I first saw these in a water pond at the park. They look nothing like the lotus type of lily you are used to.

One final category we don't want to forget and that is the wild lilies of the field that you see growing all along road sides and parks here in the US. Do you know the ones I'm talking about? They are usually orange and looking like dancing flowers in the wind. Sometimes they look like they are reaching out to touch your heart strings.

Have You Come Across Different Types of Lilies?

I could share with you all day my stories about the lilies I see growing on my walks.

But now I'd like to here your stories about the types of lilies you've come across in your adventures. Maybe you have a picture of a lily that you're not sure what it is.

This would be the perfect place to find out. If I don't know what it is perhaps our readers can answer that question for you.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Indoor Peace LilyGiant Peace Lily

Here is a question for you.  I've had this lily picture on my site for a long time.  It's a Peace Lily that my daughter grew in WV.  I've never seen one this large before.

Look at the leaves.  They were amazing.  Up until recently I thought it was a Calla Lily.  I even had it pasted on that page.

I have a plant that I received from another daughter.  It is far smaller than this one.  But when it bloomed just the other day I thought it was a Calla.  I learned it is a Peace Lily.  

My question; given the right conditions, do Peace Lilies grow as large as the one in this picture?  I look forward to your responses.   I'll be sharing a picture of my new lily soon.

Share Your Pictures and Stories

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Join the fun of telling about your flower discoveries. Or simply share what you know about the flowers here. Make comments on your favorite photos. Even correct me when you know I've mislabeled a plant.

Perhaps you have a story about field lilies in my garden like Vera from Oregon. And there is Tom also from Oregon who let me know my Chicory page was outdated with his Blue Sailors Travel West story.

So feel free to let me know what you think, but please be nice. Share your gallery photos here...

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