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When Butterflies Attack

by Tom Neff
(West Linn, Oregon)

Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Mourning Cloak Butterfly

When my oldest daughter was about 4 she was scared of butterflies. She called them "flutterbys". She was scared of them because in Southern California we have the Mourning Cloak butterfly. If you hold out your hand when they are around they are likely to land on it.

They also tend to fly close to humans - perhaps looking for a "handout."

Note From Sally, owner of Nature And Flower Pictures:

When I read Tom's note about the Mourning Cloak Butterfly my interest was peaked. I can see why a 4 year old might be afraid. I looked the butterfly up to see what they look like.

Update May 2010:

The kids and I were walking in the park. A butterfly flew down close to my face. Out of curiosity I swooped up my hand. I was surprised when it landed.

Most of all I was thrilled to get a picture. So I guess California isn't the only place that has Mourning Cloak Butterflies. My landing was in West Virginia. You can read more about butterfly landings here...

Thank you, Tom, for sharing this interesting story.

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